Women look Jatts around the globe to look beautiful but often complain that they do not have any benefit

For women to look good and beautiful, Jatts around the world, but often complain that they do not benefit. If you have the same complaint, then take a look at whether you do not even make your mistakes and health with your mistakes.

1. Drink less water

Drinking adequate amounts of water is useful for all of us and is essential for health. Health experts say that we should drink at least 8 glasses (2 liters) of water in the body to maintain the right amount of water, but most of the women ignore this simple advice and do not drink water even when they It’s thirsty. As a result of less drinking water, you can not only complain of D-hydration (body deficiency in the body), but it may also face problems such as fatigue, pestilence, and occupation.

2. Leave the food

Many women leave a meal in the name of “dining” but it does harm their health instead of profit. The reason is that when you do not eat at one time, you can become very hungry due to a long break, and you eat more than normal at a time that causes weight loss. It is better to eat on time but in appropriate amount. Because of this, health will also be better than your hunger in this way.

3. Do not eat balanced diet

Women who eat at the right time and in the right amount often complain of health problems, but they are not related to the quantity and time of food but also the quality of food. It is essential that your diet is also balanced – it includes pulses, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and fiber-rich cereals (especially the dough of bran). Due to balanced diet your fat does not get more fat in your body when the skin is also correct and you feel self-absorbed yourself all day.

4. Inaccessible protein

The main ingredients of balanced diet include “protein” (wax) which are essential for both women and gentlemen. But most women do not care about it and use protein in lesser amounts. Indo, fish, chicken, dairy and milk are particularly remarkable in protein-rich foods. If it is not possible daily, it may be cooked with 2 to 3 times a week, and the amount of protein in the body can be kept in the body. It is clear that protein is not only body fat but it also controls blood sugar (sugar level).

5. Inappropriate amounts of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates like proteins are also counted on the essential ingredients of our daily diet, but many women do not pay attention to it. Banana, Potatoes, Chirander, Orange (Orange), Greep Ferries, Apple, Lobia, There are significant amounts of carbohydrates in different vegetables and grains that can be part of their everyday diet routine. However, the use of carbohydrates should not be crossed even when their low quantities can cause problems such as inflammation, fatigue, nausea, occupation, pain head and excessive food (over-etching).

6. Fatigue full of fat

It is believed that excessive oil and nutritious foods have a significant amount of grease that can increase cholesterol in your body, but it should not be noted that fatty fat is also included in the essential needs of our body. Therefore, keep the amount of fat in daily diet low, but do not end it completely.

7. Eat meal

Why diet is not very balanced and nutritious, but if consumed at a time, it is harmful rather than benefit. In eastern households, housewives feed food to all the families and then eat themselves after consuming the dishes. This is a bad news for their health. They should have dinner at the right time for breakfast at night. Remember that the right time for breakfast should be eaten from 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock after lunch, immediately after sunset, when the best time for dinner is before the sun is hidden. Eating time may result in illness, obesity and other health problems.

8. Overall exercise

Although women of middle-class women work so much physical difficulties in home-day work that they do not need any exercise, but women who have a comfortable and comfortable life like exercises to keep themselves fit Does it But they should know that there is a limit of physical tolerance. Women should work for more than 60 minutes in order to keep smart and warm and healthy.

9. Avoid exercise

The other way in the same picture is in the form of women who are very comfortable and neither they work homework nor are they interested in exercising. Such women should remember that only healthy and balanced diet can not keep them healthy. Not exercising, they are inviting nervous stress, depression, high blood pressure, defective diseases, obesity and serious illnesses of dozens of types.

10. Lack of sleep

Daily seven hours of sleep is very important for health, but most of the women sleep for a short time, which are common causes of domestic responsibilities. Reduction of sleep can cause them to suffer from many diseases. So women should complete their daily sleep, and if they do not have the entire sleep at night, they can take a few hours of sleep at night and complete the night’s break. However, for her family members