Consumption will be terminated for consumers to sell contraceptive medicines.

KARACHI: The welfare population of the Department has signed a memorandum of memorandum to six non-governmental organizations to increase the spread of drug addiction.

Sindh Welfare Population Department, Sindh, signed a memorandum of memorandum of understanding on August 11 regarding the provision of free medicines from 6 non-governmental organizations to bring rate of drug addiction to 45% under family planning 2020 so that at the community level With the help of working NGOs regarding Family Planning, consumers should be able to provide medicinal supplies.

In NGOs, Sewi Children, Peace Foundation (Sikh Aneesiye Atiw), My Stats Society, Hands, Rashtral Support Program Networks and leader Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP) include that in Sindh The rate of spread of prolonged pregnancy is only 30%. This rate is not enough for the welfare population due to large resources.

From 2010 to 2015, USAID was offered contraceptive medicines, which were stopped in December 2015, after keeping the contraceptive medicines from USAID, the Department’s Welfare Population said the NGOs referred to NGOs Take the initiative to supply.

In this context, organized by the head of the family planning 2020 Working Group, Azra Pachkovoki, was decided on the provision of free counter-treatment medicines to the NGOs, and all the groups set up in this regard were able to successfully co-operate the project. For the terms of agreement, according to which all non-governmental organizations will provide free of charge to the consumers. If the refineries have been sold for the money for the money, the agreement will be terminated and all the obligations will be received.

The welfare department will monitor supply services regarding all NGO’s family planning will receive free allocation facilities for consumers to submit their all relevant NGOs to the Department of Welfare Population Leiq Ahmed said that the welfare population of the Department Sindh has gained support for NGOs and the health of the children, to ensure the birth between the children at the local level is necessary to control the population’s population. It has become a problem and it relates to the 17 stable development goals (SDGS) globally. Family Planning is essential, Department of Welfare Department Sindh has become a regular regulatory institution for 18th constitutional amendment, which is taking steps to control the population’s population in Sindh.

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