These unsuccessful guests protect us from attacking our body.

London: Tafael or Parasitetes are living, which become commonly known as guests in the means of another living creature and usually cause problems and diseases for their host.

Like plants and animals, humans are also faced with such temptations that keep in their body and keep their share of food, blood and other resources. Due to abortions of these rape, we have to face many diseases.

But now the University of Bathroom, the UK’s Ben Asian and his colleagues have found that the tables are not our enemies but friends. The research journal shows the latest issue of Evolution Letters in his published research that there are two types of flaws available in the human body.

First, they save the body from the attacks of their own type or similar opponents and thus perform an extra shield for the human body; on the other hand, these tiffany also kill gurusum, which cause different diseases. And thus protect our health.

However, this study is just the initial nature, during which physical impairments that have suffered minor minorities have been reviewed. The final decision will be possible only when there will be comprehensive research on all kinds of problems in the human body and will be analyzed by different aspects of their workshops.

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