Auwondo’s back pain is useful for cancer and heart

Texas: Aquado or “Pear but” is now available in Pakistan, which has a number of medical benefits, while the upper peak of the upper pebble is not less like the health treasures.

Experts have discovered that the medical benefits are being coated by coercion on a rainy stroke on the Aquarius seed, which is often useless. Many types of chemicals present in it destroy many germs and are helpful in eliminating diseases and heart cancer.

Dr Deba Shishpande Padadiya, and his colleagues, Chemistry of the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley, has presented their details in the American Chemical Society’s Annual Meeting by discovering amazing medical issues in America’s pearl fruit.

Auwondo in Urdu is called “anxiety” and its profitable benefits are also presented earlier, for example, it reduces cholesterol, reduces obesity, strengthens heart and causes many diseases. Experts gathered a panic of 300 eggs of Aquarius and processed it and converted them into two sheets of oil and a spoon.

It was then reviewed by chromatography and mass spectrometer, then 116 types of compounds (compounds) were discovered in oil. These three compounds have been very useful, whose names are binary alcoholic, dodecinac acid and hepatota cocaine, respectively, to repeat germs, promote good cholesterol and eliminate vaginal reptiles.

According to experts, for the next time you also eat a bark of aquarium because it has many benefits, but do not try to eat its peak


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