Scientists have described mother’s milk as the world’s best and preserved antibiotic after long 

Washington: mother’s milk utility is immortal and now the latest news is that some chemistry or carbohydrate in the lacticides prevent bacteria and protect the baby from infections and diseases.

mother's milk

Mother’s milk is a complicated combination of protein, fatigue and sugar (carbohydrates). But for the first time, the bacterial utility of carbohydrates in human milk has emerged. Steven Town Sand, professor of Wonderblatt University in America, said that the most useful and neutral antibiotics in the world is naturally available in the mother’s milk.

The best anti-biotech treasure for the mother’s milk

The main stimulus of this research is to infect antibiotics in the face of germs around the world and now the germs are very severe in front of the best antibiotics.

According to Steven, when he started working on beat Bacteria, he first started considering Group B strap bacteria. On this pregnant women, this bacterial group is more invading and plays an important role in nervous children throughout the world. At the same time, experts also wanted to see whether mothers create any natural weapons against their bacteria in their body or not?

But for this reason carbohydrates were reviewed instead of the protein contained in the mother’s milk, but it was found that carbohydrates in the lymphocytes first find the bacteria and weaken them, and later destroy them – they are two types of germs.

Experts also observed in the laboratory that a type of milk milk milk supplements also kill bacteria directly, but the upper layer of certain bacteria is eliminated. Even in one place, the entire colony of Strap Bacteria was seen to be completely over.

Another research done earlier has proved that mother’s milk saves children from fluid and may also be the reason for carbohydrates.

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