Those who take comfort in the diet can add to the nutrition of the nut if they add food to their diet

Suicide sleep is very important for calm life, but there are many people who do not justify properly because of different reasons, but spend all night in anxiety, when a number of people are different for calm sleep. They also use medicines, which have some adverse effects, but those who sleep comfortably add food to the nutrients, they can keep the night calm after taking the sleep of the night.

White rice:

The white gallows contain more quantity of ‘Glacialum Index’, which causes you to eat more food after eating rice and you can take a healthy sleep like eating white rice in the night.


You can get a lot of sleep due to high amounts of nutrient and magnesium in the almonds. Magnesium proteins also contain blood sugar during sleep.


Well, Cherry likes it a lot, but if cherries juice twice a day, calming sleep can be taken.


Chain is the best way to get vitamins ‘B6’, make the seeds different in size, and if it is included in your diet, it can help to take calm sleep.

Green leaves Vegetables:

Research shows that green vegetables are the most important ingredients in healthy health, but green leaf vegetables can also give you sleep as a calcium, because green vegetable achieves potassium and calcium, which can give comfort to sleep.


Banana is a fruit that is easily available in the four seasons as it is possible to sleep after taking a shake of bananas.


Eating almonds can increase the amount of cholesterol in the body

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