MM experts have created a painter software algorithm.

Boston: The system of anxiousness of pain by seeing the human face effects and curbage has been developed, and it often describes the patient’s pain better.

Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have made this computer algorithm that often recites the face of the face and describes the patient’s pain better.

MITO professor of MIT and his classmates have made this computer algorithm. According to them, different people express pain in different ways. In this way the intensity of the doctor’s pain can be less or more than real pain. Similarly, this system can also note the quality of fake pain.

As an Expert, the team of experts first trained algorithms on some videos in which different people were shown to be suffering from pain. For example, a video was shown to a person suffering from shoulder pain, which was said to behave in a different type and then describes the severity of his pain. The algorithms then improved better. Thus, attempts to note the conditions of pain with the face of the face were tried.

According to experts, many parts of the face describe the pain better. The parts of our mouth and nose vary greatly in pain and pain, in different ways or actions occur. Many experiments have proved to be that the computer can better understand the real and fake pain in a better way. University of California San Diego identified 85 percent of accelerated pain-makers while the software was not so innovative and the accuracy status was only 55%.

Age, gender, color and other information can also be included in this software to further improve this. It is clear that the age of the pain in the effects of pain is very important.

According to Professor Debbo Loi, we can find the problem of each person individually.

However, this software can not replace doctors and further research is being done.


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