The biggest problem of cities is pollution. Woman can work to prevent pollution.

The natural and ecosystem of natural resources in Pakistan has reached the disadvantage where the general measures or announcements may be able to talk.

According to a report of the World Bank a few years ago, the cost of the destruction of Pakistan’s economy environment is paying 365 billion rupees (6% of GDP). One billion rupees daily! There is no need for an economy to estimate how harmful it is for a low-powered economy. 112 billion rupees of water shortage, water pollution and its illnesses, 70 billion rupees for agricultural sector waste, loss of domestic air pollution 67 billion, air pollution in cities 65 billion when lakes and forests About 7 billion rupees per annum are annually.

This is the loss that we are facing due to our perceptions, negligence and low knowledge, in other words, these are our actions which are now flourishing.

For the environment around the world, especially climate change, it has become a priority issue, and it is still working on prevention. Although the changing colors of the seasons are no longer hidden from anyone, few people know that they make special weather problems for changing women. Although the change of climate is added only to the environment, it is a fact that these changing seasons have the ability to change the economies and political scenario around the world, not only the environment but also. Geography, culture, customs, social and cultural jobs are changing everywhere in their highly influential world.

According to the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change report (IPCC), the varieties of changing seasons vary on different parts of the world, races, occupations and people of different age, and it is not possible to predict any nipples. It can be explained that these effects of change in the environment are being set up on every country of the world, but most of the disasters have worsened the poor people of developed nations, and the more unusual distribution of resources is becoming more significant. Economic prosperity, access to education, hygiene and clean water will be impossible for the poor. Poverty and illness will make a worst impact on the environment.

If women and poverty review the environment, then the number of women in the world is 70%. Men and women of environmental change are in different ways. It depends on women’s age and cultural values, but unfortunately all the programs, policies are made without the idea of ​​women’s participation and participation in relation to climate change and the impact of climate change.

Many steps are necessary in this regard, for example, to improve their knowledge regarding women’s training, skill and use of resources in relation to changing seasons, to make policy-making and their involvement in decisions so that decisions are based on ground realities. I am
Now this fact is not hidden from anyone, that greenhouse gases that contaminate the atmosphere of the world come out of the fireplace countries, when the punishment is poor, the developing countries suffer. Therefore, it is necessary that in respect of the changing effects of the environment on women, these rich countries should take necessary steps and establish strategies that can improve the situation for women. But who can do the initiative? And why should you blame your head?

In the womb of the Lord, the Lord has added a lot of love. She can not live without love. Whether it is love, its surroundings around it or by its own things. There is no new or unique thing for the environment and natural resources to protect and love. Pakistani woman is especially ahead of men in the management and safety of her environment and resources. Nature has given the woman a greatness and strength. She shuts down these resources and expands. Before the start of this industrial era, women were more handsome in the natural resources of the natural resource and due to this, the reason was that it was more safe and secure.

It is a fixed order that women and natural resources are essential. Most of the women suffer from the loss of environmental disadvantages. Women’s problems grow as much as natural resources are polluted or undermined. Natural resources and environmental discrimination, direct and direct women are more affected and, unfortunately, environmental disadvantages in our country are going on rapidly and natural resources are becoming lesser.

Although this woman is not so handsome in this environmental disposition, the role of women in the society of society and natural resource in Pakistani society is very important and clear. She is a good guardian of these resources. These resources are the confidence of our next generation, so they are our duty to protect them and who can keep a “mother” more than a woman, considering the future generations.

This is the woman who dawn in the darkness long before the man. All the work of the house, such as bringing water to the needs of rivers, springs and wells, from far-reaching areas, feeding cattle, then removing them from milk and milk is responsible for all women till they are born. It is also responsible for cooking for home as well as livestock for cattle. Water is not only to drink but to drink, to wash clothes, to bring water for children and elders and to feed them. Along with all the work of the house, all the green hereditary fields are also fond of her hard hands. While working in the fields, it has many health risks, such as the cotton crop in Sindh province.

Choosing cotton throughout the Sindh is the work of women. You will not see any male cotton picking anywhere. In this case many people were asked, but they could not tell for a specific reason, because it is tradition and always pick cotton women. Regardless of tradition, perhaps it is a delicate task that can be done better than women’s hands. Rice like soft and delicate silk requires fragile hand like silk. (Although gender delicate, silk or soft hands are termed for fun for the ladies’ handicapped, poverty and illness), do men really do not help women? We received a very strong response to this question. It is said, “If you want to steal cotton, then men’s services are obtained.”

One reason for working with women is also understood that they work very fast. Compared to men, their work performs very fast and highly efficiently.

According to an estimation, 26 million women belonging to 9 major cotton producing Pakistans are associated with the task of picking cotton, regardless of their active role in this regard, they do not get the full fruit of their work. They look for cotton picking for the whole year so that they can buy some food needs by taking some money or bring medicines to the doctor. They could not imagine these items in ordinary days, but due to regretful disadvantages, they often get less wages. Women in this harsh work stand standing in the fields of sunrise throughout their day. Their clothes are often bursted. Sharp sunshine proves punishment for their skin. Women should go to the fields throughout the day, so their children also are with them.

The bugs found on the ground and the animals that are there are vulnerable to these children, but even bigger problems are poisonous toxic spots. Cotton is not a food crop, so it is sprinkled blindly toxic medicines, which not only affects the children but also the health of women.

According to a report of the World Health Organization, 20,000 people become annihilated due to these poisonous medicines every year. The production of 60 to 80 percent of the food production in the developing countries is the same as women, but also women who work on the fields, wash the contaminated clothes, cleaning the toxic medicines and tools. Pregnant women are more affected by poisonous effects of these medicines. The pollution of these medicines not only affects the baby in doubt, but in many places there are evidence of mother-to-beam contamination.

Somewhere somewhere, it is even more harmful due to poisonous medication. Where was some anger at some point and it was a suicide attack. In addition to this, people have also used poisonous medicines for their purpose, which throws a throat for the woman to kill. Later, it put poisonous medicine on the language and accused of killing of the dead. There is also a great risk of environmental pollution found in their workplace, where the third world workers are vulnerable to insecurity. It is important for manufacturers and landlords to make money as well as to protect the health and life of these poor workers.

Changing weather affect the woman’s life directly. When the rivers flow, the women have to wander far away in search of water and it is not exaggerated that women in the Badin area have to walk 4 km to get water. Keep your hands on a little heart and feel that the punishment will not be painful for walking distance of 4 kilometers to achieve only two muds of water and then where only drinking water is so difficult, to wash and wash it. What is the question of water? As a woman lacks water shortage. The man will come anywhere in any stream.

Similarly, if the house lacks milk, yogurt, butter and honey, then the food of the woman will be affected. The man will eat somewhere outside. Environmental changes will also reduce the forests, which will lead to the toughest acquisition of fuel. Livestock will become rare and this life will remain on the earth’s life and life. The role of the city’s woman is something different and motivated in this regard. He lives with a better environment and a lot of autonomy than a woman’s woman, so she can do a small scale but important work for the improvement of the environment if she wants.

The biggest problem of cities is pollution. Woman can work to prevent pollution. Low use of water, the proper arrangement of the crude is in its own hands. He can pay a significant deal to save pollution from around the world. The use of pesticides can be used in homes. Household batteries can be used as its alternative.

A citizen woman is also an excellent user. If he plays an intelligent user, our environment can be protected from many difficulties. For example, reject the tin packed item for purchase. Refuse the shopping bag for shopping and use the bag or linen cloth itself and encourage others to do it too. This process will save our environment from “Shopping Bag”. If a little bit is reduced, the poverty of this poor country will be a little reduced. For example, if you have two kilos of sugar, then reduce it to one and a half kilos. The farmer will produce lesser than your move. The Earth will get a little rest. Remember that the effects of each of your actions are going to global. Therefore, do not forget to say what we can do in this corrupt system. Make sure you can do a lot but you can do everything.

Pakistan is counted in the countries that had first ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1994. Not only this, he also confirmed Protocol of other relevant agreements.

Although some important and relevant constituencies of Pakistan believe that climate change does not have any relation with gender and it is similar to the deadline, it is absolutely wrong.

There are evidence that the effects of climate change vary from each other if seen from the Adaptability, Vulnerability and Mitigation perspective. It is important that the government should prioritize the policy in which it has been recognized that women and men have different effects. If the women are widely involved in this policy, in such a case the material that will be obtained for decision-making, there will be an effective representation of every school idea and perhaps some improvement could be done. The year of 2017 is passing, the time is slipping in a fist like a sand, and thousands of people are waiting for me to leave these faded colors and memorable impressions on the book when it goes to the year.

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