Over 20 percent of the children are consumed by their own lives before abusive due to abortion.

In the National Assembly Standing Committee, Dr. Nasir Taseem revealed that due to abortion in the country, 22 lakh children were destroyed in the past five years.

Chairman Committee Khalid Magsi acknowledged the health sector failure in the present period, in the meeting, all the schemes of the cad and district institutions were recommended to be given under the National Health and Regulation Services, the Prime Minister’s Federal Health Authority It is also possible for the establishment of the establishment, through the scholarship, it is also recommended to help family planning in the public.

The Chairman of the Committee said that nothing was positive about the health sector during the current government period. Point objections should be submitted in the Senate, where all the Health Institutions are under the control, Federal Minister for Health, Saira Afzal Tarar also declared health facilities in Islamabad equal to other backward areas of the country.

The bill was delayed in the meeting while the discussion on the cigarette bill was adjourned to the next meeting, it was recommended that the health projects under the supervision of the cad and district institutions should be given under the Ministry of Health, in the Ministry of Health Services. In the organized meeting, besides the members of the committee, the officers of the ministry including Federal Minister Saira Afzal Tarr, Dr. Nasir Tasnim, Ramesh Lal, Khalid Hussein Magsi were also present on the occasion.

It is clear that 35% of the annual children in Pakistan die due to other problems and diseases before birth, annually 20 percent of the childashren w their hands before the world comes due to abortion.

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