Easy home remedies to remove the turmoil of the foot


The foot of the foot can be removed through some easy batteries.

londan: The disease of smoken foot is called in the medical language, called Bromodos. This quality can become embarrassing for yourself and the cause of others.


Dead cells, sweat and other stimulation make odor in the feet, but the good news is that some of the easiest things can be saved from the foot of the feet. The first simple and domestic prescriptions are being described for this.

The volcanic stone or twins are found in the market. Such granular rocks are called pomes in English. Fry the soles and bars of the foot with this stone so that the dead cells may get rid of dead cells. It is believed that dead cells have major causes of odor in the feet.

They can also be removed from the pumping of salt in water. It is used for a specialized Epsome salt salt. Buy it half of the water in a large vessel and buy half cups of salt in a large vessel and buy it well. Now keep the feet in water for 10 to 20 minutes and then clean the feet well afterwards. It will be upset.

Put some spoon syrup in semi-hot water and take it 15-15 minutes in the legs. However, in the case of no injuries, cuts or barks in the head, the head should not be used otherwise it may be irritable and painful. The use of vinegar can also overcome the illness of the feet.

There are also spots that remove the abortion of the feet that can be removed from your feet using the feet on the foot. But it would be better to choose a spray from the doctor’s advice.

Washing a nice anti-bacteria soap is very fond of everyday nights. If you rub well soaps between thumbs and toes, it may end up bacterial.

You can also buy socks that absorb the sweat by absorbing sweat. But it is better to keep the socks shortly so that the smell germs can not flourish more. Keep the shoe clean and dry in the inside, because the moisturized shrubs are stored together.

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