Control of dengue wounds is not possible for governments unless there is public participation in the process.

KARACHI: In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, dengue fever has taken a big breakthrough and so far more than 1000 patients have been there. On the other hand, the Punjab government has also sent special medical teams to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who are working on diagnosis and treatment of patients in patients.

Although the past 10 years of experiments and observations have proved that it is not possible for provincial or federal governments to compete with dengue wastes but the public participation in this process is most important.

Avoid dengue; what do people do?

  • The case of dengue is particularly sensitive for two reasons. Firstly, if you do not take care, the dengue fever can worsen into a “dengue flu fever” (dengue hemoriginal fever) in which blood extrusion can push the affected person into the mouth of death. The second main reason is that the mosquitoes caused by ‘AIDS’ have also been cured as chicken and also caused due to painful diseases like Zika.
  • It is clear that the special signs of AIDS mosquito are his legs, black white stripes, and therefore it is called “Tiger mosquito”.
  • Specific symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, nausea, headaches, back in the waist (back to the belly), bodybuilding and red blood on the body. When the disease is severe, those symptoms as well as blood from the patient’s nose and mouth, and in such case, the affected person should be brought to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Another important thing about AIDS mosquito should also be noted that it is more active in the morning and evening early and usually stops at the same time. That is why the need for special care is needed, but do not let go of caution in other times of the day.
  • Mosquito kills medicinal spirits as a result of sometime eliminating the AIDS mosquitoes, but it is not possible to control dengue wounds because unlike the general mosquitoes spread to malaria, dengue breeders AIDS mosquitoes make clean water In homes (buckets and tanks) are kept for several days. Edge mosquito can make colony in the water collected inside the old tires placed on the home parking or terrace.
  • Therefore, it is important to take care of all those places regularly and keep the water available in them.
  • In addition, waterproofed tubes are placed on the feather shops, where the tunic is checked by checking the tire. Water of such a tub is not converted for many days, which also leads to the use of AIDS mosquitoes here. If the tuberculosis of water on the painting shop is changed daily, it can also prevent spread of dengue-resistant AIDS mosquitoes.

Less less precautions are:

  • Take special care of cleaning at home and if you keep planting or carpets planted regularly, keep them medicinally (particularly mosquitoes) sprinkled.
  • Do not let the water stand in the house and at home. It is clear that from odor and smoky water, if clean water is still standing in an open area, it can cause dengue spreaders, such as AIDS mosquitoes.
  • Since the AIDS mosquito produces water in clean water, so keep the tanks and water vessels placed in the house and keep them clean even in the morning and evening.
  • This is also the matter of store rooms made in odds, beds and houses, where the bite is kept and the old goods are kept. There is also a need to pay attention to places in the house that remain longer in darkness and humidity because there can also be mosquitoes as well as red bags and other insects. It would be better to get rid of these items for free periodically and get sprayed medicines. And as well as ensure that cells can not be born in those places.
  • It has also been observed that in the galleries of the flats, water is kept for garments and sticks, where the water is stored. It is better to change the daily water in the bowl as well as sprinkle medicines to be sprayed by ban.
  • Water boiling or filtering is essential for good health every season.
  • If possible, give responsibility to street children to tell the elders of the house about the water and dirt standing in the surrounding area (especially in narrow streets) during the game so that these places Be cleaned as soon as possible and there are no mosquitoes, bees etc. A few years ago, during the campaign against dengue, children in some parts of Karachi participated in this manner, with great results.
  • Standard medicines that lead to insects should apply on the open parts of the body, but if there is a risk of allergic medicine, use different medicines from the doctor’s advice.
  • Try to wear tall, loose, and light-colored clothes, because the dress keeps covering your entire body and is also helpful in protecting insects.
  • Use mosquitoes, quilts and mattresses to prevent mosquitoes and if there is too much mosquito in the area, add mosquito fat extra.

What should a patient do?

  • The patient should also use the maximum amount of water daily daily and try to satisfy their nutritional needs in the form of soup or beverage.
  • It is better to relax in the condition of dengue, because it improves the body’s immune system better than the severity of the disease.
  • It is clear that no medicines or vaccines are available yet so that if any expensive medicine is being sold by saying that it is completely treated with dengue, do not believe in such a claim. Pain and fever-eliminating common and low-cost medicines (such as disorder, pneumol, parasetamol etc.) are suitable for decreasing the intensity of fever during dengue, but it will be appropriate to use them with a doctor’s advice.
  • During the last few years, there have been reports from the fact that patients with dengue patients have benefited from drinking juice. Although no serious medical research has been done so far, but there is no blame for its use in the light of past experiences, because even if it is not useful, they do not have any harm.
  • Everything written above is not new, but this information passes through public opinion. Sadly, not just governments, but also people are attracted to precautions and other practical tasks when the crisis arising from the disease becomes severe; Although the small, easy and less the whole year are attracted. A large crash can be torn with public spending spent.