Regardless use of almonds increases HDL cholesterol on one side, LDL reduces cholesterol.

Pennsylvania: A study shows that regular almond foods can increase the useful cholesterol in the body.

A brief study has revealed that almonds increase HDL cholesterol, which is called ‘good cholesterol’, and on the other hand it also eliminates bad cholesterol from the body.

In this study, people were divided into two groups and daily almonds were distributed to one of them while the other group was given small cakes. Meanwhile, the quantity of high density lipoprotein (HDL) was noted in both the groups. This study showed that the almonds who increased the performance of the HDL and the performance of the appropriate body for the body.


The University of Pennsylvania State University, Penny Chris Eritrean, has published his investigations in the Journal of Nutrition. Penny Chris says that before that many investigations have found that Almond food itself reduces LDL cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease even if the quantity increases. Eating like this, good cholesterol increases and heart attack cholesterol decreases.

The important thing is that almond HDL also increases the efficiency and absorption of cholesterol and stirred the LDL out of the body by removing the heart cells. Experts found the quantity of HDL cholesterol in the blood of almonds that confirmed that it is also very useful for heart disease.