You can get rid of Ganj Pin for a little bit of change in your daily diet.

What is blind, two eyes; And what do you want, dense hair? All the ladies and gentlemen whose hair falls more or less, or they complains of pink pin, their biggest desire is that somehow their hair grows on their heads and they like them Use expensive treatments and desi tone to crack.

Although some foods can be used naturally to hair your hair, using these nutrients, you will not need to break and expensive treatment. Only a little bit of your hair must take care so that the effects of this diet are not lost. It is clear that among them, you can choose a few nutrients, according to your choice, convenience, season and pocket, because they are all found best to benefit hair.


Well, today the carrot is available every year but its original season is cold and its real benefits are also available in the same season. Carrots contain a protein called “Beta cortone” which gives them red color, and that same protein makes these bacteria healthy in the skull, which are responsible for developing hair on our head. Carrot’s role is unusual in making healthy hair healthy and improving hairstyle.


Omega-Third protein, Flexad, Potassium, Magnesium and calcium, is a useful product for every part of our body. If you do not have allergic ulcer (iron allergies) in the diet, then all these ingredients included in the spinach will benefit your general health, and especially your hair.


Many women apply egg, oil, and yogurt on the head for dense and healthy hair which is wash after drying. However, there is also a special vitamins in the dhee, which is also called ‘BF’, which helps prevent the hair from falling into your diet, increases the thickness of the hair, increases the fatness and also strengthen it because of the blood of the skull. Helps flow Therefore daily use of a bowl can make your hair healthy.

Delta (autumn):

Breakfast for breakfast is very beneficial for health because it contains various types of useful grease called fiber, iron, zinc and “PUA”. All nutrients are also very important for chronic and healthy hair.


There was no known role in hairstyle for some years ago, but the study published in “Journal of Clinical and Astrological Dermatology” has shown that the vitamins c It’s up to date. If a single meal is eaten daily, then it will get so much vitamin C as it meets 5 kino. Vitamin C’s role as well as other factors in hair protection, enlargement and thickness. That is why experts now say that women and women wishing to consolidate and strengthen the hair should include their daily diet.


A special type of vitamins B, called “biotin”. It is auspicious in the eggs and this is a great importance to improving the development of vitamins. Bieton ratio in the eggs is as much as possible in salmon fish and almonds. The only thing to be considered is that eating or leaning eggs is useful for the improvement of hair, because vitamins in the fried eggs have lost their utility.

Saman fish:

Well, then all fishes are highly useful “omega-thaw fatty acids”, but the protein is relatively high in samples. The protein on one side is effective against diseases such as heart and sugar, on the other hand, the omega-thry protein also increases hair growth, thickness and strongness.


Research has proved that diarrhea in diabetes keeps sugar in control, but along with it it also benefits blood circulation and facilitates the delivery of nutrients to hair roots. Strong, dense, and shiny. Use dough sugar to sprinkle on a little amount of daily food and see results on your hair in just a few months.


These include natural fuels, especially omega-thaw fatty acids, fiber and hair elastic, shiny, tall and bare with different proteins. If nutrients are not available, eating almonds or flavors also benefits the hair.