Make the tasteful dishes on this eclipse.

Punjabi Masala Chapap


Matten Chap: Ten Number, Onions (Medium): Two Numbers, Tomato: Half-kilograms, Gourmet: One-to-One Cup, Pouring Pearls: A Tea Pouch, Pour Red Pepper: One Meal, a Spoon: Two Tea spoon, lime juice: two meal lamps, fresh gram flour: three meal spots, salt: one to one teaspoon, ginger garlic mix or paste: two loose food spoon, oil: customization


Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Then add paste of methane chap, tomato, banana kitty onion, red pepper, yogurt, salt and ginger garlic. When the irrigation starts, cover the pan. Light up the tears and cook for exactly fifty minutes, even if the floral blossom remains a minor. Now add it from top to top and add more ten to fifteen minutes. During that time the meat will be nourished and the dust will become thick. Finally add hot spice and lime juice and decorate with green hair and decorate with green and green.

Empress Ran

Sack of goat: one and a half kg, raw papaya: one meal, one yard: one and a half cup, ginger garlic copest: dining tablets, lost: half cup, green tea charcoal souce: two meal lambs, fried and pasta onion: Charming, straw and almond almonds: A dining table, salt: Twin tea spoon, Pasadhania: Diarrhea, sauce and saucea: one-teaspoon, hot spice: a tea-spoon, a peacock flour: quarter tea Puppet, Pearl jaundice: Half tea spoon, Pearl green oily: quarter of tea, fries cream: half cup, nut eggs: two numbers, french fries: to present, proven straw and fried almonds: fifteen SDD


Pour papaya, Ginger, Ginger Garlic paste, lost, green tea charcoal soup, fried and pasta onions, straw and almond almonds, salt, pepper red pepper, puddinga, goalkeep, jauthri and pissy green alike in a pot well. Malala It will become a paste. Leave half of it well on past goat’s thigh for two to four hours.
Then paste two cup of oil in a pan or open vessel and put it well in it and fry it well. Now put the remaining paste in it and cook it light for 35 to 40 minutes. After that, offer two diamonds to eat with eggs, french fries, straw straws and fried almonds and cream.

Afghan Kabab


Price: One kilogram, onions: one number, shrimp pepper: a number, tomato: a number, green pepper: three numbers, diamonds: half cup, proven dough: a meal, a spoon: a meal, a kitty Red Pepper: A Dinner, Salt: Customized Flavor, Basin: Fourth Cup, Pomegranate: Two Meatles


Add onion, shrimp pepper, tomato and green pepper to make it dry. Now add it with salt, kitty red pepper, basin, pomegranate and all other ingredients.
Now apply precious cabbage to the bottom of the cabbage and take it on the wells. They can also be tasted by putting light oil in the thin.



Cow Price: One kilograms, fresh cream: One pack, a roasted fruit: a ball, egg: one number, double bread slices: three numbers, living: four numbers, green kitty green pepper: four numbers, pepper: Four tissue: small alkali: fourth number, white zerah: a tea spoon, blackberry: a tea spoon, a dash, and a pepper, a pepper, a meal, a pudding spoon: two meal lime Chain: Two meal shades, oil: customization, salt: Customization


Grind well with mixed gram, white zerah, black zerah, small alaihi, living, black pepper and khushkash.
Now grind slices mixed with fine spices and slices of double bread. After that, mix well with pierced papaya, cream, salt, pepper red pepper, egg, fodder and green pepper. Now make a mixture of this mixture so that some deficiency remains left. If you are looking at all the cabbage, put them in a pan and add lemon corses and put them on the tail at light. Surprise with hot warm lime of fun blossom.

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