Facebook started losing 10 million accounts daily. Facebook will recruit more than 3000 moderators to prevent fraud and hate content, Zakir Burg

San Francisco: The biggest website of social connections Facebook has started closing over 10 million accounts promoting hatred ideas on a daily basis.

The Facebook Chief Security Officer also says that they are constantly trying to stop spam, fraud, fake and other hate accounts. It is clear that the number of Facebook users has exceeded two billion rupees in which the frauds have also made thousands of fake accounts. The company is difficult in identifying and closing all of these negative roles because inaccurately accounting for many accounts, those who are not in violation of the Facebook Rules violate.

The Chief Security Officer, Facebook Alex Stomos, says millions of people daily have contacts between people and accounts, and they can not be enforced by making rules for them. He has confirmed that over 10 million accounts, which lead to hazardous expansion, have been closed on daily basis, but also said that the account accounts for account closure were the technical issues, not the rules. Conditions.


Even before, Mark Zuckerberg has also said that the Facebook system is not completely accurate and there are several errors. He also said that his company is recruiting more than 3,000 modrators to prevent accounts spreading fake and color, race and language based on hatred.

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