The new investigation has proved that the role of a father affects untimely on the lives of the daughters.

New York City: Children’s upbringing and psychiatric experts say that the role of father in the house is considered as a ‘silent and unbelievable’ person, but it is not in the case of daughters and the influence of father’s daughters in our past It’s too much.

Although it also includes changing requirements, but a psychologically early age establishes an important pact between father and daughter. The children understand their father’s main center of patience, care, security, love and mutual respect, so parents can play the key role in informing and imparting new understanding of the new world.

Experts say that when the children go to school, their role in father’s physical, psychological and social health becomes more important because father’s behavior determines the life and preferences of daughters.

Scientific research seems to be recorded on all these issues. Teen girls are more successful in losing and straining everyday life problems from their father’s sedimentation and warmth behavior. Similarly, they are able to better express their feelings when the father’s compassion also reduces poverty in children.

A research from the University of Richards has also shown that the progeny that is closer to father is the mother of strong nerves after marriage.

According to a new study of the Journal of North American Psychology, father’s role in the journey to a ninth way of life is important, if the father is loving and thought at this stage, girls’ self-esteem is on the sky and in severe suffering They are also persuaded. The role of the father also influences girls’ college and above-level education.

When a girl gets herself out of her house, father’s advice role is also important on this occasion. That is why experts recommend that their father should take part in the family’s move rather than a silent role in the house.