French traders announce to pay offense for women wearing wires. From Europe, especially to the women of Austria, you say that you will fill in your wrist with fines

Vienna: The French league trader of France has announced to fill the fines of all women wearing wrists in Austria.

The Austrian government has banned wearing women’s wear since October 1, which will be penalized for $ 150 (Rs. 19,000) on violations.

The Algerian-born French billionaire property dealer, Rashid Nazar, told Austrian Muslim women that they would fill in the cost of wearing wrist. Talking to Austrian media, Rashid said, “I tell women of all Europe, especially Austria, that you will fill in bad weather, if the European governments claim to acknowledge religious freedom, then they also recognize religious fields.” When I believe in the open expression of the people’s religious beliefs.

wearing wires

It is clear that in the countries including France, Belgian, Holland, and Switzerland, Rawalpindi has committed crimes against Muslim women, where restrictions are banned. He has also set up a special institution whose name is not ‘tear my law’. This institution punishes Muslim women who are worried and has spent 3 million euros (3 crores 79 lakhs) in various countries so far.

On the other hand, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kres expressed grave concern over the announcement of Rashid’s criticism that women wearing mask in the country would have to pay tribute while Rashid encouraged him if he was encouraged. Will be imposed.

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