Gentlemen A pediatric disease After handling people with fibers, be careful about handling eyes.

Autumn is a commonly occurring disease, which is very painful. After the rainy rain, the gastrointestinal spread spreads rapidly. In this disease, patients’ eyes are swollen and red and heavy. The feeling of anger and feeling in the eyes seems intensely. Thickness of the eye, the humidity of the fluid flows at all times and the eyes do not bear sharp brightness or light. By doing so, eye-straps stick closely and patient’s intensity of pain is very difficult.

Autumn is generally an infectious disease, which moves from one person to another. If there is no special weather or time of autumn, however, the chances of attacking it grow more after rainfall. The sunshine coming out after the rain is sharp, which is not only cold but also causes the eyes to grow. The sun’s shine makes a negative impact on the eyes, due to which the eyes are inconvenient and incomplete skin.

Apart from the increase in dirty particles, circulation and environmental pollution in the rainy days of the road traffic, also causes the spread of the disease. Autumn diarrhea ends itself between seven to ten days. When her wounds spread, child, old, young men and women are all inexperienced before her. Following a few protective measures and precautionary techniques to avoid the attack on climate change and reduce the severity.

  • Do not exit the house without using light green, black and blue glasses on the eyes. Do not run motorcycles or cycles without taking a hint because particles and smoke included in the air also lead to eyes and a glow of ice. Please wait on viewing the light and bright things. The TV can not be seen without taking an eye and keep the TV screen at a distance. As a hypertension, fix 50 grams of white gram white 50 grams in 5kg water and mix 200 ml of water and keep it in the house and keep the eyes clean in the morning and evening, so you can be as infant as possible from the invaders. Will.


  • Similarly, be careful with handling eyes after handling people with this disease. Do not let go around and smoke in your eyes. Do not squeeze the eyes on the eyes and see if the hair is irritable or irritable, but try not to find the inscriptions too. Use the turmeric on the tissue to clear the eye-flowing water. As a mixture of 5 grams of coconut mixture, add 50 ml of coconut mixture, drop a few drops to 3 to 5 times a day. 5 grams of gram flour in the 50 ml rose rose white solution and prepare a mixture. Drops in the nails.


  • Burning and burning in the eyes will begin to decrease. The food with a saffron cup, also reduces the intensity of the disease in the nutrients while sleeping at night, the inflammation of the intestinal armpit, the kidney and the skin. Meat, gooseberry, trunk, etc. without red pepper, chapati and especially bread are also beneficial.


  • Peanut pulp and diarrhea are the best foods. Potatoes and honeymooners, blemishes, etc. are left unhealthy. There is a chance to say goodbye and tea and coffee. Besides wearing woolen clothes in the morning and evening, also helps in preventing the skin.