Google creative teens include Pakistan in training. Last date for submission of application for the equity-free program 2 October 2017.

The technology company will train young people who introduce Internet-based new creative ideas in developed countries, including Google Pakistan.

Google Launch Pad Explorer provides an opportunity to work with developers that introduce amazing things, whether they help digital commerce smoothly across Africa or access multimedia tools that are for special education. Are made or used to use artificial intelligence to simplify business operations that provide solutions to major challenges around the world.


Google has doubled its efforts in this regard and for the next class of programs, the first time has opened applications for more countries from today’s day. These include Estonia, Romania, Ukraine, Bela Russia and Russia in countries belonging to Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, Central and Eastern Europe, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru in Latin American countries. And Uruguay while Africa’s Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Moroccan, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda. These countries will now become a part of a major list, which is already Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico Public, Hungary, Poland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria and South Africa.

The application for the accredited free program will expire on October 2, 2017, according to Pakistan’s standard time at 9:00. At the end of this year, select developers will be invited to the Google Developers Launchpad Space, consisting of a two-week visit to San Francisco, which will pay all Google costs. The advantages of this training provided in Google Headquarters include Google’s more than 20 teams, specialists from top technology companies mentors and experts from Silicone Valley.

Participants will also be provided close cooperation with Google after equity-free support during the six-month program, credit, PR support for Google products and return to their homeland. Application for launch pad executor under this program Each startup will be highly focused on.

Google expects its all programs to start up technically, target the local market, prove their destination for the market (ahead of the imagination stage) and in the countries listed above Belong to someone

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