A new research has shown that use of energy drinks can attract teens to the drug.

Maryland: Experts have warned after a survey that those who drink energy drinks unconscious in the early 20s, they can be ahead of alcohol addiction and addiction to other drug addiction items.

Like other countries of the world, use of energy drinks in India is growing everyday and experts say that type-to-diabetic disease is increasing, but the bad news is that the energy drinks also open the path of alcohol and drug use. Can be In Pakistan, the use of energy drinks is increasing in 18 to 35 years.

Dr. Emilya Arya, a doctor associated with the Center for Health, USA, University of Maryland, states that an important connection between the use of drug drinks and drugs has been revealed.

Experts reviewed 1099 people who were the first students of the college in the year-old college and their average age was 18 years old. After that 21 to 25 years were completed, they were reviewed. 51% of these people used continuous energy drinks, which were often used most of the use of alcohol and other drugs – from the age of 18 to 20 years of energy drinks in the next five to seven years. However, this proportion was found lesser in low energy drinks.

According to experts, the use of cocaine and other dangerous drugs was also noted in young people using high energy drinks. Experts have warned before that the use of energy drinks can also cause immediate heart beat to cause blood pressure.