Keep the brain healthy Play a game in the morning or evening


Keep the brain healthy Play a game in the morning or evening. It increases mental skills.

Man’s mind is the amazing charisma of power. It is the essence of human being, with the help of Ashraf-ul-Haq, new innovations, and perform great scientific works. Therefore, every human should have a special mind in mind.

The brain is in the center of our body as a center or preservative. If a brain is healthy, man can take full advantage of it. If we grow old, then his mental strength decreases. Even the weakness becomes so weak That’s why we often start forgetting, where the item was kept.
Every human wants his mental health to be restored. He can not stop the age of his life, but he can make his memory better by taking a few steps. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to make the mind healthy. Through a little bit, we can improve our brain capabilities. Some of these cores use Adivia, which usually damage the opposite.

Man’s brain is a complicated but invaluable machine. There are ways in which you can help keep your mind healthy, even faster. These methods are especially useful for students who are learning the quality of education. Mind is needed.


  • Always switched to the air-conditioned places, where oxygen can be easily accessible. Oxygen is very useful for brain.
  • Do not miss the trivial days of the day while trying to sleep and try to relax.
  • I am awake early in the morning and sleep early in the night.
  • Make a regular step in walking through any part of the globe. Draining makes a good impact on the brain. This process is very useful for Alzheimer’s patients.
  •  It is better that young boys girls go six miles daily. It will make their mind faster.
  • Read the morning prayer then exercise lightly and breathe long enough to reach oxygen to your mind.
  • Play a game in the morning or evening. It increases mental skills.
  • Treat those diseases that affect mental abilities such as blood pressure, sugar and mental disorders.
  • Take a full part of the house’s tallest tasks.
  • Use simple but balanced food.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day.
  • Use of fish improves memory.
  • Prefer to nausea health nutrients such as smoking, alcohol and caffeine etc.
  • Take some time to meet friends and relatives. Doing this makes your mind better.
  • When a person gets fifty years, this tendency usually becomes weak. The risk of brain diseases increases. That’s why your doctor should be in touch with the doctor after coming up.
  •  Use your mind instead of calculator while calculating.
  •  Massage of the head improves the brain.
  • To speed up the memory, break five to six almond nights in the night and eat early in the morning.
  • Drink food is useful for brain health.
  •  To complete the work, complete it first and then hand over it.
  • If you are tired of doing some mental work, rest and take some time for a drink.
  • Use of milk remains beneficial.
  • Do not put any mental work down.
  • To increase brain health, try to solve the routines and palsy hidden in newspapers.
  • Minimize salt use.
  • Nurses course for new languages.
  • Study the newspapers and magazines regularly.
  • Try to learn something new everyday, such as food recipes, games or skills that you take care of.