Flu And cold Usually one of these two illnesses is quite different from each other

The patient and the disease are diseases in which every other person comes to the day when it comes to the disease spreading from the virus and moving from one human to another.

Inferiority and coldness are usually cold diseases, apart from people living in cold places, those immune systems are naturally fragile, they are soon suffering from disease, however, if anybody suffering from nausea and cardiovascular disease is discovered. He will say that the hell is more and more, when it is interesting that these two diseases are generally different from each other, but the symptoms of both are almost identical to the difference between them. The limit is difficult.


Nelsley is usually called cold as it is a virus infection which makes humans feel less common, when a sharp rise in the form of cold, which causes pain to become a pain and causes severe pain throughout the body.

Nose flow

The most obvious difference between the nose and the cold, which is very easy to identify, is that the human nose flows in the nausea, and the throat drops in the throat when it becomes fiber fiber in which the nose is collected. Due to the problem of breathing, there is a problem and sometimes the person feels drowsy.


In Nelsley, man feels light fatigue when the feeling of fatigue is very high.


In the case of heml, both types of bacteria and dry coughs occur when chronic cough occurs in the cold.


Some people sometimes move viruses to other humans due to snatching of human beings, and when the virus transfers the virus from another patient in the patient.

It would not be wrong to say that the chances are more dangerous than ever, and in case of all these symptoms, the doctor should refer immediately, a hypothesis about the disease is very common because it is due to viral infections, so healing Or if it does not work, it breaks out within seven days.

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