San Francisco: American specialists have warned that pregnant women who suffer from unmarried and sleeping problems are also more likely to give birth to a child before time, which also gives birth to maternity and childbirth. Can go

It is clear that the average natural period of pregnancy in women is 37 weeks (about 9 months), but due to clinical complications and health problems, the birth of a child is sometimes before (i.e. in the seventh or 8th month).

At the same time, the birth of a child (mother-made woman) on the one hand, or on the other hand, is either the birth of a child in the dead condition, or it is so weak that after taking some breath This is the leave of the world.

Both of these cases are very dangerous for maternity and childhood, and their research has been done by the so-called research. However, this is the first time when sleep problems and pre-maternity have a very close connection.

A detailed study on more than 4500 women in University of California, San Francisco, has been assessed that pregnant women have less sleep and disordered effect on what happens to them.

The study found that the pregnant women’s sleep was affected, the pre-maternity (pre-term disease) was likely to be 4.6 percent higher than those taking full and full sleep.

However, at the earliest, 34th week of birth in the 34th week, more likely to be seen in pregnant women who had either a sudden displeasure or had a lot of disorders during their sleep. This quality is called sleep apnea).

The research journal published in Research Journal “Ostatrix and Gyllocology” shows that if pregnant women take other precautions as well as keep sleeping, they can give birth to a healthy child at the right time.

According to the World Health Organization, 15 million (150 million) children are borne annually, out of which 10 million (one million) children die. Most of the 50 million survivors often suffer from various diseases and suffering of suffering. Every year, about 8 lakh children are born in Pakistan, out of which only 1 lakh 26 thousand (15.8 percent) children survive.

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