Magical lotion to bring people to anxiety Leopers claim that it is also effective for sleeping soon.

London: Nights ask for discomfort for nights, despite millions of efforts, lose happiness of sweet sleep, but now a new and controversial cream is becoming increasingly popular and those who make it claim to be on the body and hands Taking relief can get calm sleep.

Magical lotion

Radem and other social media platforms have cream creams called ‘slip’. Thousands of people claim on the web site that their disappearance has ended, some of them were depressed for many years.

Slip cream is made by the lash company on which more than 60 people have described their experiences of removing cream from the website. According to consumers, they were missing sleep for many years but now they have been able to sleep with slippers.

Cocoa Butter, Side Body Lotion, Seam Seeds, Linders Oil and Largar Oil are mixed in slippers cream. According to the company, it was developed in a limited number of times, but after the publication of the public, the company has added it to its permanent products.

A user said on the website that they were suffering from severe pain and psychiatric disorders, but the slippery saved them from the ninety-nine nights. Another user said it is an effective lotion to sleep.

Some people have admitted that by plotting lotion their mental stress decreases and they feel comfortable. One person said that the relieving adulteration has been using for the last 11 years, but the flavors of the slope depreciate, and they sleep in a calm manner.

Another user has said that putting the upper body and the caps on the body, it is very effective to bring peace and sleep to the perfume, which has resulted in a deep sleep overnight.

Sloppy cream has proved equally effective for children. A woman from the British city of Essex said that her 18-month-old child was awake six times in the night and when she was slapped, she kept sleeping for 14 hours a day. The woman has declared this lotion as a miracle.

On the other hand, some experts have questioned the utility utility and said that first it needs to be tested widely on humans because the effects of this cream are still not clear.