Cook the meat in any way, keep it spicy and keep it for medium time.

Eclipse is on the head. After a few days, women will be busy making different dishes of meat including bribery, pillow, turmoil and roast.

In our society, it is also eaten from meat in ordinary days, but it is especially used in the days of eid prayer. Apart from lunch and dinner, many people like to eat meat dishes in breakfast also. There are many ways to cook, but during this period, if there are some carefully taken care of, its taste will increase and the nutrition will continue. .

One of the most popular method of cooking is meat, Barbie is specially organized in every home in the Caribbean. In this way the meat is canned in oven or peas. The taste of the meat increases due to the grinding of the coal. Barbie is more healthy than any other cooking method because in this way the fat in the meat decreases.

Cook the meat in any way, keep it spicy and keep it for medium time. If you cook in steam, meat will be tasteful. In older times people used to cook mostly in steam because it used less oil. Meat can be cooked on a oven, microwave, or straw, keeping it in the aluminum furry. Warm water on a stove. Put on top of it and cover it with aluminum foam wrap.

To stem the meat, stem the lime juice, canoe juice, ginger garlic paste, soybean, vinegar and spices. This kind of cooked meat will also be healthy and its adverse effects will worsen.

If cooked in small bits, cooked quickly. The animal is more useful than cooking in the form of precious.
Meats are also eaten by roasting. If it rhee, dryish, coconut, almonds and potatoes paste and green pepper, paste green green garlic paste, then its adverse effects will not only end, but the taste will increase.

It is useful to use yogurt in meat. Cooking meat with vegetable and pulses removes its adverse effects. In the years of meat, the salt should be put in place instead of putting the salt immediately.

As the flesh produces uric acid in the body, the amount of vacuum in the body increases and can affect kidney, liver, heart functions, so eat cow’s meat instead of cow. Meat abuse can cause inflammation and swelling in dentists. It can be a stomach. There is also a risk of acidity and irritation, can cause problems for people suffering from joint pain. That’s why it’s better to use it in moderate.

Always cook ginger, with garlic. Ginger garlic paste helps incomplete the nauseous ingredients of meat. Garlic, ginger paste prevents fat from falling in the nuts. It kills all of the nutritious health germs and cleanses dirty and hazardous materials from the body, so do not forget to put garlic ginger in the meat.
Early and Ayurvedic treaters used to recommend eating patients with salt, pepper, ginger garlic besides lukey and chaljam in the meat storeroom. Calcium, sodium, iron, potassium and other minerals present in Shilm and locomotives play an important role in breaking the animal protein in meat.

What is eaten most of the world with meat is Potato. The potatoes, sodium, sulfur, chlorine, audien and copper present in potatoes break the harmful ingredients of meat. So potato meat is useful.

Eat meat and beans occasionally. The beans are found in the body’s essential element. Using peas with meat does not have any complaint. Eating soybean with meat protects from heart, liver, kidney damage. Anyway, the soybean refers to the amount of meat deformation, which is immune to the disease against the diseases.

Meat with rice is being used for centuries. Controls the adverse effects of fiber, salt, calcium, and raw meat added in rice. The protein is equivalent to not being contained in rice, so meat adds to rice and is particularly harmful. Apart from this, snake ingredients of spinach, stomach, cucumber, cocoa, mustard, and cholina also cause discomfortable ingredients of meat. The beans and seeds mixed with meat eat blood.

Having green, black, white and shrimp baking in the meat, it makes it useful for human health. Similarly, hot spices, fried methi, clonjee, saffron, rye also make meat healthy.

Meat canned year is also made. Especially for heroin, potatoes, lumpy, silk, her year is liked more. To make a year of salt, always wash the meat well after garlic ginger and slippery onion, then add other spices and pour it into so much water that no doubt is found. Then take the yogurt and fry it. Then put water in water and let it cook for 5 minutes, then it will be sweet to drink. After cooking and frying, you put porks, potatoes, ovaries, chillies and chunks in it.

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