Motorcycle Racing with a Water Rocket. French engineer Frances Guysey has successfully tested the bike on a rampant speed through rain water and pressure air.

Paris: French engineer has built a rocket bike with heavy rain and pressure filled with pressure. Although it looks like a university student’s scientific project, but with slight minority it can also lead to serious consequences.

French Guysey has named this rocket bike as a rocket truck, whose detailed video can be seen below. When the rocket bike was tested, it reached 100 km from zero in half a second, and in the eighth half of a millennium, motorcycle fixed 60 feet away.

Gyssey has also experienced a rocket cycle before he has reached 207 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. As per the complaint, the liquid flakes the liquid faster than the liquid bottle, exactly the same rocket works and it is difficult to fill the tanks which are filled manually instead of a machine and its Rainwater has been used.

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