The most common problem of sleep in the hair is to wake up late or even while lying on the bed

London: The mothers who suffer from depression are not only affected by their children’s sleep, but also their mental development and mental health.Mummy’s unmarried children also hurt

For this, specialists have surveyed many hundred children and discovered this relationship between mothers and their children. Over 200 healthy children and their parents have been reviewed in the study, whereas the children were between 7 to 12.

This research has been done by University Officers specialists.

After study, experts have been forced to say that children’s gold problem should be seen under the family system. In this process, during the sleep, children were reviewed one night through the Electro-Envelope Golf Course (EEG) and went to their homes and electrade on their minds. On the other hand, children’s parents were asked to sleep sleep problems in their own sleeping conditions and children.

The result was that the children of the mothers who were suffering from illness or tired sleep were also in short calm sleep, which were visible to the children’s EE. However, in this whole process, the lack of father’s sleep was shown to be less influenced by children. Its apparent reason may be that the child serves more time for mom and his relationship with his mother is stronger, which also influences his sleep.

In answering questions, when mother and father described the quality of their sleep, they also acknowledged that their children could not sleep correctly or sleep late.Mummy’s unmarried children also hurt

Sufficient and deep sleep for good health is very important while bad and inadequate sleep can affect mental weakness, memory and severe harmony for mental and psychological health.

The most common problem of sleep in the hair is to wake up late or sleeping on the bed, which is known as anxious or anesthetic, but there are different levels of intensity.

Appreciating this research, experts have told the parents that their children are linked to their mother’s eyes and thus the mother’s disappointment has a profound effect on them.

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