Do not ignore the roof of the house Enjoying a family with a clean, green vegetable terrace, it is a delight.

Women specialize in their bedrooms, drawing rooms, communal rooms, kitchens, lounges, cleaning and decorating the entire household. It’s a great deal because the clean and decorated house establishes a positive effect on each family.

Often women ignore an important part of their home while decorating the house and they have a terrace. The roofs of sunrise sunrise houses are often visible to dust. Their cleaning and decoration are not concentrated on the decorations and they are allocated for cutting and cutting equipment. Thousands of houses of middle class in Pakistan are millions of families living in the roof on the night. Especially during the summer, there are terraces on the terrace to make a shower. If the ceiling is also made as rooms, then it will be fun to spend time here.

Like decorations, home decor is also the responsibility of women, because men are busy outside the work. If the women want, they can make the roof of their home well. First clean the roof and remove dust dust. Most of the houses of waste and old chest are put on the roof. If you have something like this on the roof of your house, get rid of it.

  • If you have a ceiling decoration, paint a nice and lovely color on it. Balls made by imitation flowers are easily found in the market, they should buy and hang them in the form of a membrane on the walls with the help of nails. Small bubbles or LEDs are also common in the market.


  • Wave the shrimps with the length of the mandar and wrap the different colors on the bubbles placed in them. Ledding does not have to wrapped on LEDs. These are different colors. Now put these battles of electric lamps at a little bit above the shores. When your bulb lightens, your roof will take four shades of colorful light.


  • If the maid is small, paint it and paint it. Keep the flowers with a mango wall. In the morning, standing near these dunes and taking a few minutes fresh, your health will also benefit, and the glamorous fragrance of the flowers will enhance the beauty of your terrace. Put two to three rugs on the roof and save them well with beautiful sheets. Along with the small tripod, place a jaggery or cooler on it.


  • Always remember that what is the pleasure of reading the book in the open space can never sit at the Azie Chair in a closed room. Therefore, whenever a good book is handled, sit on the terrace and read on the terrace. In the evening you have to endure the weather. At the same time, if guests go away then they have no fun in laying on the roof, but you will see that guests will feel more comfortable sitting on the terrace.


  • If you read the tuition, save plastic mat on the roof floor at the evening and arranged to teach children. Instead of dying room, open in the open space, the kids will feel comfortable reading too. Similarly, work like sewing embroidery can be seated on the roof.


  • Drink tea at the terrace instead of the evening tea, the tea enjoyment will be overflowing.


  • So often we get less opportunity to sit down because of our engagement, so take time to organize tea on the terrace, sit together, tell your problems if you have an elderly male, female or female Granny, if you are grandmother, support them and take them to the terrace. Sunglasses are very important for elders. Put them in the sunlight and sit with them and give them a little time.


  • If there is a chance to manage Barbie or invitations on this occasion, nobody can have a good place for the roof. Guests will get grandpa watching the sunset terrace and the funeral will also be ruined. Anyway, during this period of inflation, your roof is fed up to anyone, so do not ignore this important and beautiful part of the house.
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