Do not put TV and video games in children’s rooms. Abuse of TV and video games is causing the cause of violence, obesity and bad educational records in children.

Iowa: A study in the United States shows that children who have video games and TVs present at the rooms, children use them for a long time, which are influenced by their studies and they May be obese.

Psychologists of Iowa State University have done a unique survey of its nature, which has reviewed the disaster effects of TV and video game children’s bedroom.

The main author of this report Douglas Genital says that TV and video game space matters a lot. It reduces time and time to learn children, play and learn other things and just lose them in two things. In this way TV and games are addictive, education has a bad impact and they become slower and slow.

Experts have noted this habit for six months to two years. In addition, those who spend more time on TV and video games can be more violent and exciting and adventurous. 24 hours of staying in their bedroom in the TV room. Now parents should look at him and take the TV out of their room.

 TV and video games

Watching TV shows children reading books, and watch children watch TV for about 60 hours a week, which is a horrible situation. It avoids playing children, learning new things and using their ability, and as a result their education is affected.

Experts noted that in children children and TV play periods increase as well, they are also victims of obesity and chronic pains. Therefore, experts have proposed to make children accessible to these items.

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