There are more than 200 types of cells in human body.

Italy’s Emma Morano celebrated his hundred and seventhenth anniversary last November 29. Then he had the honor of being the world’s most prestigious female. She was the only living woman born in the nineteenth century.

Emma claimed that the secrets of her long life is that she eats three eggs daily, Grappa Brandy drinks and always keeps herself positive. Ama left the world on April 15, 2017. Today, West Indies’ lady, William Brown has been the most respected man on the planet. It’s 117 years of 156 days.

Except the conservative and despair, every person in the world commits that he is very old. That is why, often giving our elderly children prayers, play with long life and play with the plants. The question is, how can the last man survive for a long time? There are hundreds of scientists and doctors in the Western West and researchers are engaged in answering this question. They are in search of “Scientific Nutrition” which gives birth to a person.

Modern medical research, however, revealed that a human being can survive as much as “115 years” in its present genetic system. But this is not a definite principle … Jane’s Gemmet of France continued to enjoy life for 122 years. He was born in February 1875 and settled in August 1997. In some cases, humans can survive more than 100 years of age.

In the last hundred years, medical science has also discovered that the person who lives in a natural environment reaches death in the mouth due to “disease”. Due to this appreciation, Tarapa has also been declared as a disease. This does not even know many readable Pakistani. That is why Western science is now looking for ways to prevent or eliminate growth.

A century ago, doctors used to understand that when humans grow fatigue, they are known as glandia, vaginal ulcasm, high blood pressure etc. But now there are many disorders that may be a disease as well. Experts of medicine say that when our physical organs begin to fail due to continuous work, then we can grow upset. But this process also takes place due to specific reasons. These reasons belong to human cells and molecules.

Physical organs are not a major cause of death. For example, cancerous infections are attacking us when our cells begin to become infected with some reason. Similarly, when fat is stuck in the dead, Hart Atak gives us another world.

The problem is that when many human beings of human beings are disrupted, they start to cure poisonous substances. These articles then illustrate them on our healthy stomach. When human beings are old due to physical deficit, the end reaches into the tomb.

When a person is young, all his physical organs are new and healthy. If humans also eat the dust, then the secret germs usually do not cause it to ill in it. But those who feel fatigue due to continuous working on the body’s body, seem to come up with them.

In the past, humans were pure nutrition. Vitamin, minerals and other nutrients contained in them contained our physical organs and increased performance. Today, especially Pakistan is a poor diet tour that has very little nutrition. Due to this, Pakistani men and women are beginning to grow rapidly.

Obviously, when the milk used with every Pakistani vaccine will nourish. It will be consumed by various types of poultry or beef, which grows in the night by chemical materials. Due to poor diet, not only diseases in the world of the third world were spread, but also new diseases occurred.

The cells Power plant

The good news is that with the help of modern medical science research and experiments, it has been slowly moving ahead of which human beings suffer. It is the reason for specialist medicine to treat such treatments that can not be prevented, at least make it slowly slow. In this regard, many scientists focus on Mitochondria.

Microwave Rude is a organelle, a part of the cell that performs specific tasks. This is actually the power plant. Whatever item we make, Microwave Counderia grind food well and makes it energy efficient and then provides the cells. As a result of this power plant, a cell is capable of doing its own work.

You know that every living creature is a combination of less or more cells. For example, a nutty worm contains a few thousand cells. While a human being holds ten tons of cells. There are also hundreds of cells of the cell. For example, heart cells, brain cells, skin cells etc. Each cell keeps silent quotes from hundred to thousand due to its specific work. For example, the work of neurons is very complicated. So they need more energy. Therefore, a brain cell contains several thousand microwave rounds. Well, power has given every power to every cell that can generate a micro-coined ritual by increasing the need for energy. Is not this a powerful workmanship of power?

But like every living thing, Microwave R. R. is also becoming increasingly futile. When it starts to deteriorate, one toxic chemical substance excludes. This substance damages our heart and adversely negates the nerves. The memory also reduces. When Mike Coven Rude is older, he begins to grow old by creating troubles in his master’s, human body’s body. Microwave chemical substances are called “mutated” in the coincidence of Microwave Rio Scientific term. They can not do their job anymore.

Recently, American Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, discovered two genes in the fruit fly (Frost Fly) body, which finds Manqtal Mike Cohod Rachel and kill them. After that, experts put these two genes artificially in an old fruit-fly body. Both of the fruit flies of the fly fly Mike Coves R. R. Experts were then amazed to see that the physical pains of the fruit fly were deteriorating due to the increase in the slowdown of the strongest quinted microwave. Fruit Bee became young again.

With this great experience, two revolutionary truths came. First, in the cells of humans, when the cells of the cells become damaged, they remove poisonous substance. This substance starts to eradicate the first part of the body. Let’s know that the genius is targeted. Secondly, if the number of healthy microwave rises in the living creature again, due to physical health, the procession increases also ends.

The American scientists listed above are now looking for a genre in the human body that can detect Munichtill’s Crown Rude and finish them. Whenever this genes are discovered, such a procedure will not be late for invention of treatment which can slowly slow down the process of growth in humans. Thus, the human age will increase many years. Not only this, because of the body’s physical temperament, the age will not be so painful as it now tries to tackle humans.

Admirable In the new search

In America, doctors are also trying to invent an epidemic that can eliminate the quintessent microwave in the human body. In this case American specialists have found some success in biology. He has discovered from the research that Munich Talit is a major role in a birth anniversary or Nicoleinideide adenine dinucleotide, which is called the NAD.

In fact, with the help of the same noodle, Montto Crown Ridge makes money cheaper and energy. If the number of nude sums in the body of a human or beast decreases, then Mike Coond Ridge seems to be disconnected. American specialist medicine also discovered that “Nicotinamide riboside” is a type of vitamins B through a human body and changes in the noodle period. It is a wonderful discovery because some researchers in the US are preparing the type of vitamins B therapeutic medicine. They claim that eating this medicine increases the number of nausea in the human body. Human skin does not get older.

David Sinclair discovered the Ned Slame’s Genethe, associated with the famous American University, Howard in 2013. It is David who learned in the early eighteenth century that the food substance called “Resveratrol” also enhances the growth of human body. This substance is found in grapes, billiards and juices.

Recently, David Sanchell, researching old mice, has discovered a new year “Nicotinamide mononucleotide”. He knew it kept healthy healthy salmon. Therefore, this year’s role in keeping Côte d’Ivoire a sound fit. Here, power has created such a complex system of life that even if a minor paradox is damaged, then the whole system seems to be spoiled. The specialist medicine has named the “NMN” (NMN) in the first nine new year.

Experts in large and diverse organizations in the US and Europe are researching and researching NNN solutions. The goal is to create an example that can enhance both these environments in the human body and thus save human beings from growth.

Currently a US pharmaceutical company, Chromadex, has invented a drug named Niagen. This medicine includes YES Rolesterol. The company’s specialist claims that eating new genes increases the number of nutrition in the human body. This medicine is available in the US and Europe. Croomodox is not a common company, its board includes 2006 Nobel Prize winning winner Roger Coron Burg.

Dr David Sinclair is the most dynamic science around the world around the world. Today, they are investigating “Sirtuin” protein found in the tent. There are eight types of protein matter. Dr. David and his psychiatric physician say that a kind of seroton is an important part of the new micro-cordia-borne creature in the living creature, while another type helps it to improve.

The first type of seroton protein is called the term “cold 1”. The research revealed a lot of interesting about it. When the cells need energy, then a message from its center (Nucleus) goes to the power home (Microwave Cinderia). It is responsible for carrying out the message “Sarat 1”. This message starts to become energy in the electricity house. And by completing it, the stem performs well.

But when the human body body loses the number of nostalgia, as it grows in the upper part, the head 1 does not remain as an earlier one. This causes access to message access between the cells of the nucleus and the microscope. Say, if the power plant of the cell is not connected with the owner, it can not do its job correctly and the living creates harm instead of profit.

Interestingly, an American adulterer company, Elysium Health experts, also discovered the relationship between resort and seroton protein material. They came to know from the research that the rectangle keeps the protein content not only animated but also healthy. Based on the same research, the company’s specialists have invented the food substance called “pterostilbene”. Experts claim that it works like a rustrol and is more powerful than it.


Alice Health also has five Nobel Prize Sciences. This Camel, a teacher at the University of Lawnaire, Harvard. So this is not a common company. Its experts say that Patrickstelden is four times more powerful than the reversal. It enhances human memory and protects it from cancer and disease. The company’s experts have now prepared a medicine called Basis.

From the above facts, it is clear that the United States continues to insist on maintaining and maintaining the Quetta. This factor in the human body is also important that some genetic information is protected within Mito Cordeaux. These codes keep the function of making energy and protein in the living right. That is why, the cells of the cells are inadequate, so every living body, including humans, is becoming old and become old.

The “old” cells of the human body

There are more than 200 types of cells in human body. These cells produce a variety of cells from the “Stem cells”. In the body of all living creatures, some types of cells die old and are replaced by them. Basic cells are born to new cells. In this work, part of the main cells, Telomere plays an important role. You will read it further in detail.

Regardless of the fact that whenever the new cell is born, some part of the main cellular tumor is connected to it. However, due to the constant birth of new cells, the primary cell telomerie is so small that it is not more dividendable. At this point, the primary cell seems to be called “senescent cell”.

It is a wonder of power that the basic cells keep humans alive and humble. But when they turn into old cells, they seem to be harmful. Actually some old cells are stored in some of the human bodies, they also make poisonous cells of the nearest Tissue. The absence of healthy cells, it is difficult to cope with the absence of cells and this process creates growth. The old cells also cause rise in living.

Just a few years earlier, Jan Van Drusen, a genetic-related genetic-related genetic-based medical research institution, John V. Dronce realized that if a lifelong body is removed from all the old cells, what situation would he create? He did an experiment to see this. For twenty-one old mice, put ten in a natural state, remove the old cells from the operation of ten mice.

John Van was surprised to see that the old cells were removed from the old mothers, they started to be young only two weeks later. Their health improved. The new hair came out on the body, they ran faster and improved the performance of other physical organs. As the end of the old cells, the adversary effects continued to grow in older mothers and they became young again.

This amazing experience embedded all the experts. Now they are busy researching inventions that can eliminate all the old cells found in the human body. In this type of medicine, this feature also wants to produce that they can also trigger basic cells in the human body. The goal is that the basic cells formulate the syrups to improve the body, so that one can be saved from the old age. It is very difficult to make two hunting medicines from an arrows. At present, experts may invent old cells in the old man or woman’s body, then this wonderful event will be a wonderful event.

Remember, Western experts are also making new treatments with the help of basic cells. It is called “stem-cell therapy”. Through this treatment, experts want that kidneys, lungs, liver or heart failure, if they are used in the laboratory with the help of basic cells. This treatment is still in the early stages.

It is also clear that some important organs of the human body are naturally capable of repairing it. For example, some part of the liver is cut, it gradually increases. Similarly, the human skin also makes its repair. However, most human organs can not be corrected once again.

Japanese science discovery

In 2006, Shinya Yamanaka, a Japanese science scientist, discovered four new genes in the human body. The characteristic of these genes is that they have the capability to convert any cell of the human body into the main cell. It was a wonderful discovery. Because some of the oldest body cells of the old man, after becoming the main cell, repair the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, every body, then they will begin to grow young and young. In this way, they will return to life in the mouth of death.

The four genes listed in the human body are naturally immersed only to nudity. When the physical organs begin to worsen, four genes are in deep sleep by doing their job. Japanese Yamunakha wondered that he could find a way to sleep. That’s why at the beginning, Yamanaka and other experts began to get rid of it thinking that the old age of extravagant discovered.

But it is possible that there are several obstacles in the way. Actually when four or four genes were dynamic in the body of rat and other creatures, they started changing the cells into the main cell, without merrying the old and young cells. When the young cells covered in the main cells, they were overcome.

That’s why extraordinary changes took place in many mice. The second is the second nose, the second arm came out. Some cells evolved so fast that they were in cancer.

Now in the past several years, experts in the United States and Britain are trying to discover such animated genes to convert only the cells of the living cell into the main cells. Whenever they get success, the new method of saving a human being will be discovered.

Highlights of the tumometer

Previously, every human being is a combination of cells. Each cell contains a special term called “lonely” chromosome. Inside these lanes, the “DNA” is present that puts the diarrhea genre inside itself. These genes determine the number of physical properties in each human, such as skin, hair and eye color, nose and so on. Al-Qadri is closing both sides of each lane with the caps to keep the DNA safe. These are called “telecom” in the cap term. In the presence of a telecom, the DNA will not be scattered from the lanes.

Each human being, including humans, constantly dies the body’s nervous cells. Skin, blood and muscles are the same as humans. Before these dead cells die or turn into old cells, make a copy of the new cell.

Thus, the physical organisms of living creatures continue to do their work. When a cell is copied, then its entire DNA moves into a new cell .If this process is possible for one reason … that is the new cell Taylor is slightly smaller than its creator.

A human cell can produce 70 to 80 copies. When the last transfusion is born, its telomeras pass through the datashem stages and it is as small as it can not produce the extra cell. Thus the last cell “turns into the old cell” or throws death.

Earlier, it is said that the human body becomes abundant of old cells, so it seems to be older. That is why Western science is now trying to find a way out of treatment that can increase the length of the telomier of the old cells. Obviously, if the smaller telomier’s cells grow again, they will be able to produce more copies. In the same way, the physical body of the old body will begin to grow young again.

Medical experts say that if a person exercises regularly, fruits and vegetable foods eat, grease and starch (carbohydrate), keep mental and physical stress and take full sleep, then the tuber’s cells The length increases significantly. That’s why she lives for non-standard lifestyle at least ten years longer.

New blood treatment

Amy Vegers is a professor of renewable biology at the American Harvard University. He did a tested in 2013. Professor Amy took blood from the young mice in the laboratory. The blood of the old mice took blood from the body and put it in the teeth. The limbed mice continued to get blood every day for four weeks. A month later, it revealed that the health of old mice improved and this increased many effects. As this experience shows that old people get blood from young people, they get rid of the effects of growth.

The question is whether can this experience be successful on older humans like mice? American scientists are currently engaged in research and experiments to know this. During 2016, Jesse Karmazin, a doctor at the American city of Monatri, opened a hospital named Embarkania. The blood of young people is put in the old coronary veins in this hospital. As a doctor claims that the results of this treatment are encouraging. However, this process of fetching is especially expensive. A laser like a doctor receives $ 8,000 (around Rs 8 lakhs) for blood. So at the same time only old lady youngsters get benefits from blood … if they are there! Many specialists see this procedure as a doubt.

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