Palm’s new medical benefits come up From modern research. Modern medical investigations have been found that daily fats can be kept safe if they are frozen.

Karachi: Well, our use of palm here is usually used for fasting in Ramadan, but from the US to Europe, modern medical investigations provide new medical benefits to the palm, which shows that If we eat daily fry only (5 to 7 palm), you can be protected from many diseases.

As far as medical investigations, palm has been found directly or significantly directly in the treatment of 40 different diseases or medical issues, while regular palm food effects have been seen clearly on every part of the body.

Treatment of hardness in veins; Palm

Due to age and obstruction, resulting in veins substances contain fat and other substances that cause them to become unnecessary hardness. The same hardness of veins becomes the foundation of many diseases of heart and disease. However, a medical study in Israel has shown that if a habit of eating only one palm is not available, it does not have difficulty in the veins, and those who are suffering from severe stomach, they also get rid of it. Goes away One of the obvious meanings is that you can stay from dozens of diseases daily with only one palm meal.

Control over high blood pressure from palm

Another study at Harvard Medical School found that people who eat only 3 to 4 palm (22 to 30 pounds in a week) everyday are also very lowly complaining of high blood pressure. It is clear that high blood pressure is also called “silent killer”, so this palm’s advantage is an unusual news for those in this condition.

Palm fluid procurement

Prone to blood pressure and diabetic heart disease is also related to blood flow in our body. The useful ingredients that keep blood kept in palm and protecting it from getting rid of them are significant amounts. Experts have discovered that if 100 grams palm is kept daily daily, then the risk of stroke is less than two-thirds.


Other important palm benefits

What other than all these things have been revealed in addition to the fact that eating only fist (5-7) palm daily reduces the blood loss (anemia) in the body, is removed from occupation, stomach There is no ulcer (or if the gastrointestinal breaks down), pregnant women are comfortable with maternity, protection from cancer, sexual weakness is diminished, the body is healthy and the body meets the best energy. Consequently, the mind remains healthy, resulting in increased memory and intelligence.