The visible structure of the nails can also find things that hide people from all over the world.

KARACHI: Every person’s nail is different from others even children’s nails can be separated from parents. However, the secrets of personality are also hidden in nails.

An Nigerian specialist has said after analyzing the structure and character of thousands of nail nails, if the nails are carefully evaluated, it can also reveal the person’s hidden personality. how does?

Please see:

Nails, tall and rectangular nails

This composition nails reflect a quiet, humble, balanced, free and broad-minded personality. Such people are trustworthy and they demonstrate the responsibility of their actions to their actions. They are also born leaders.

Very small and square shape nails

Those nails are those who have great minds, flexibility and great relationships with others. They get angry very soon, but their anger expires as soon as possible. However, they are also greedy and sophisticated, rather than having a greedy and serious temperament.

Tall but less nails

These people are very nonsense and opportunism is in their nature. They know well to benefit from any chance for their benefit. Luxury is the essential part of their mood and they want to be the focus of others at all times. They also get worse on small things and think of them as an attack on themselves.

Small Nails

People whose nails are smaller than other people are usually angered and unhealthy. Yet they are also very intelligent. The smaller the nails, such a person will have the same expectations for others, and that will be selfish. However, these people also work hard to get their destination and try to do everything in a best way in which they are often successful.

Nails like almonds

Nails of sensitive, soft temperament and romantic temperament are usually the same. They live in the ideal world of dream and when they give importance to others, they are very happy. They are very emotional that get angry at light jokes too.

Triangle nails

People whose nails are triangle generally take more interest in poetry, literature, music, and painting etc. and their characteristic is important in their personality. But they do not have permanent mood, and any work gets overwhelming when they are too late. In other words, they should say “mild mood” but they do not even have any ability to tolerate or suffer trauma, and in such circumstances they suffer from nervous breakdown. They want to get the most prestigious and famous place in the society, while they hate hatred.