Experts have been affected by mental health, many decades later, when children are used for racing and exercise.

Toronto: Experts say that if children are accustomed to racing and exercise, many decades later they have positive effects on mental and mental abilities.

It has been revealed after the experiments performed on mice, which said that exercise in low-temperature exercises growth in the growth of the missile and can prevent many mental diseases. Apart from this, if children make exercise normal, they have the ability to learn and understand their ability to improve their ability to grow upward.

University of Toronto Sciences Sciences Dr. Martin Wozooz says that exercising not only affects children’s health, but is also useful for the entire life. Even in aging, it helps in maintaining the learning ability. In humans, it is helpful in keeping away the alzheimer’s disease like disease.

In the laboratory, experts distributed 80 mice into two groups. A group of first mice dug for six weeks or exercised. Four months later, when the mice reached middle middle age, all the mice were taken into a special container and they were lightened. After that he was recalled when he was confiscated by fear of fear.

Two weeks later, the experts kept these mice in three different places, namely, some mice kept in the same box in the same room as others kept in the same box and room, but the layout and light changed, as the third group of mice Separate room and separate box.

The mice who did not work for childhood wheels, went to the box in a similar way – they did not remember which dubious creator and harmful when 40 to 50 percent of the mice exercised The lumber was remembered and did not take place, namely, he remembered the place of danger.

Experts say that at least the extent of mice can be said that exercise at the early age exercises the ability and memory of their learning and understanding. Other experts have proved that regular exercise involves new mental cells that maintain mental health.