City College Scientists have developed a chemical-warning dress that disrupts dangerous gas.

New York: A few months back, the tragic pictures and videos of the chemical weapons attack on the Syrian children point out to the world. According to initial research, the Syrian forces filled the chemical compounds in barrel bombs and spread it on their own people. In order to avoid such attacks, American experts have made a cloth which can protect chemicals by identifying chemical weapons and gas by avoiding their effects.

City College of New York has developed a smart fabric not only covering the deadly gases, but it can save people’s lives by neglecting it.

Dr. Tesa Bendzow, a chemotherapy professor, said that the clothes have been changed to change color in the presence of dangerous nervous gas. Apart from this, as soon as the gas touches the garment, it becomes absorbed into the absorbent ingredient, and the color of the cloth changes as a sign. However, the color of the dress shows that how long can the garbage attack bear?

Carbon nitrode is added to the cotton fabric to make clothes, and in this case gloves, suits and wounds can easily be prepared. However, it can be used to protect civilians and soldiers by using it to protect chemical weapons, while protecting people in a terrorist attack can also be ensured.

The same team of scientists had developed three different designer T-shirts a month ago, which slowly changed their color in the presence of carbon monoxide, pollution and radiation (radio activity).