Revolutionary Sticker Checking Blood Sugar Without Blood Removal. Abbott’s revolutionary glucose sensor, which allows FDA to sell in the US. This glucometer keeps in mind every moment blood loss seeds.

Washington: Abbott Company has prepared a 24-hour reduction in blood sugar source, a device which notes the amount of sugar-rich blood sugar, and it is repeatedly pouring the fingers into blood. Do not need

It has been called Freelly Labe, which continues to be a noticeable source of sugar drops, and since Wednesday, American Food and Drug Authority (FDA) allowed the sale of this revolutionary instrument. The skin adhesive has a small sensor, which can be stuck on the back of the arm and then it starts its work.

Its full name is called Freelly Label Flash Glucose Monitoring System, which is now being offered for sale in 41 countries. It is not necessary to insert finger fingers for this sensor, whose details begin to appear on a manual device screen. Apart from this, blood sugar cancellation, patterns and decreases can also be considered as per week. Then it can help with the correct amount of insulin.

Blood Sugar

Currently, its use is not allowed for children in the United States. The reader used in this tool is just $ 70, while 14-day working sensor costs $ 69 or Pakistani rupees 7,000 and in America, this sensor will work only 10 days. Both of them were 14,000 in the same way, but the sensor would have to spend more than 28 thousand.

Blood Sugar

At this point, Air Vice President, Jerad Waden, while responding, said the company has kept the value of this glucose meter at least.

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