In the afternoon, our mind wants to relax ourselves so that we can get some time again and improve our performance.

Sydney: If you think sleeping in the afternoon, sleeps off, then remove your misconception because Australian experts have discovered that our brain causes the sleep, whether our stomach is completely empty and we are hungry hungry. Why do not you look like this?

Using complicated and sensitive techniques of mental illustrations, a team of nervous specialists in Swinebrin University of Technology, Australia has shown that our brain has been very slow during the afternoon at 2pm.

However, this affordable and intake-borne brain is not a result of any food, but due to its natural biological clock (Biological Clock) that controls all our waking habits. It is clear that biological clock is the name of a complex natural system called ‘skeleton rhythm’ in the medical language. Due to the same system, we awake in the day and sleep in the night, feel morning and afternoon with breakfast, and after dinner we start sleeping.

Following a detailed review of the activities in “Pitamin”, a part of the lower part of the brain revealed that the areas that are related to decisions, learning, focusing, and other similar tasks, Activities in all these areas (overall) around 2 pm are very low.

Due to these minimal activities our cheap nervousness begins and our heart seems to consolve. In some people, this quality is so severe that sleeping on the chair gets sleepy.

Since it is usually a short time after lunch, this misconception is common that perhaps this quality produces due to lunch. Some people leave lunch to avoid this sleep at work times, but they do not even have any tendency to do this, but they reduce their own nature.

Although not yet known why this happens, but it is strongly believed that Circular Radius is at 2:00 pm when this system forces us to rest our mind so that it gets fresh. Keep your performance in the rest of the day. That’s why people who have some rest rest in the afternoon live asleep at night while sleeping.

On the basis of this study, one side is saying that no important decision is taken by noon at 2 pm, while the Quala-utility utility has proved to be on the other side, because there is a bad impact on the performance of employees even in the absence of rest at noon.

The details of this research and its results are published in the latest issue of the Research Journal “The Journal of Neuro Sciences”.

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