Those who consider their lives as a meaningless, they are physically more healthier than 60 years or is wealth

Boston: American experts have discovered that the lives of those who are meaningless and want to get a destination in their lives, they are also healthy and healthy in the


This study started in 2006, about 4500 people who were 50 years of age or older, who were considered to be in every three to four years health, have been reviewed by the general health and psychological condition.

The research conducted by 2016 showed that those who considered their lives as meaningful or living in their lives were physically more healthier than 60 years or older. Low diseases also suffered less while they were too dynamic despite the growt health.

In those contrary studies, those who were not convinced of any purpose in life nor wanted to reach a destination, their health worsened during this ten-year period, while passing over More than one disease occurred.

More points of this point came from the average speed of walking in these individuals and also a better catch of grab test. The normal speed of pedestrians in the dramatic life was faster than those who were deprived of the purpose of life; while thinking of unnecessary life had influenced their muscles too, due to which the grup test I was quite less than those who were enjoying their score.

The details of this study led by Dr. Eric Kim, the High School of Public Health, Boston, and Harvard TNH, have been published in the latest issue of “Jama Psychiatry” research paper.


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