Spend these 5 things with your hair or otherwise you will be choked. It is also true that the care of the hair are as quickly as possible

Men or women, both are very passionate about their hair and always face problems that their hair does not harm, but it is also true that the hair should be treated as much as it is broken. Are speedy

But if there is a caution and a few things are considered, hair loss breaks can be reduced and can be removed from the risk of pink pin.

Do not wash hair more

Employment professionals wash their hair more than ordinary people because hair causes the hair to be damaged due to dust so that these people do not use the most important thing, either oil or even the amount of oil for the development of hair. I do so, because of washing the hair repeatedly, a little too much oil in roots gets oil that proves extremely harmful for hair and starts hair loss. On the other hand, excessive use of chemical products such as shampoo etc. is also hazardous for hair, so avoid washing the hair frequently and wash the hair twice a week.

Wait for hairstyle again

Men do not like more extended hair than women and as soon as hair increases, they just turn salon and make them smaller, while some men cut hair twice a month. However, experts say that hair cuts depend on their types. Some hair is naturally lightweight and increases at low speed while some hair is thick and their growth rate increases. So cut hair when it grows bigger, otherwise the hair can be damaged.

Do not dry hair towel

Men and women often dry their hair after a bath, but it is a wrong way. Hair breaks twice by drying hair towel. For the use of conditioner after bathing, this method is even more dangerous, because dry hair fries to dry the towel and cause severe friction in hair roots. If you have rubbed your hair with a towel, add light water to hair. Also avoid wet hair in wet hair, it also breaks hair.

Hair color do (dye)

In the present period, it has become fashionable to make different clerks in hair, but this passion is very expensive. If a good salon is dyeed in hair then good money is spent, so young people prefer to clarify themselves at home instead of salon, but this method is extremely wrong because ordinary people are more likely to clarify techniques and techniques. It is not entirely aware of the losses and benefits, so it is a huge risk to clarify your hair itself, as well as chemicals in dye also cause serious harm to hair, go to a good salon in this situation and specialist advice Clean the hair from

Do not make too much hair styling

Men are particularly sensitive to young hairstyle styling and often use gel and socks to give hair different style. It is better to reduce the hairstyle and apply simple style and make hair by your face because if you lose hair, no styling will be able to make it, so be careful to avoid this situation.



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