Sweet Abuse Hijacking for liver. Overall healthy use of healthy men can also affect the liver. Photos: File

London: This news can help in menstrual disposal of sweet habits that eating more amounts of sugar may have negative effects on the liver. The amazing thing is that even healthy men can suffer from this disease.

British experts have revealed after a study that sugar-rich food adds fat in liver and liver, which can lead to further diseases. Bruce Gravin, Professor of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, said that unhealthy amount of sugar affects metabolicism, adversely affects the liver and can cause heart disease.

Other experts believe that excessive amount of sugar increases the burden on liver metabolicism. For this, Graviton and his team selected middle-aged people, more than 11 liver liver and low liver in the remaining 14 people were present. The amount of fat in liver is detected from ultrasound and other tests.


This condition of fat in liver is called non-alcohol fatty liver disease (NAFLD). It is due to obesity, can destroy the liver and cause many other diseases. As a specialist, experts told a group of men to eat sugar for more than three months, equivalent to 650 calories, while the remaining people were given sugar sugar, equivalent to 140 calories, or food items.

Now those of them who had much thanks, their liver increased to increase fat compared to others. This liver in the liver also includes blood that can cause heart diseases and fluid.


On this occasion, experts have said that healthy men should also minimize their sugar in sugar, or after a time their liver may be affected by it.

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