Breasting a balanced and healthy breakfast in the morning gives obesity and diabetes together.

Illinois: Israeli scientists have discovered that if a patient with diabetes suffers in a morning and gets a daily breakfast, they can reduce their weight while controlling better sugar.

The results of this research were presented at the annual meeting of the Democracy Society in Chicago, Illinois last week, according to the description, according to the description of Tel Aviv University, Israel’s scientists studying 29 people of the average 69 years, including 11 women and 18 men Included All these people were also suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Three months of study, it was observed that those who consisted of balanced food, abundantly energized breakfast, their blood sugar (blood sugar) remained not only better control but also Their weight also decreased.

Dr. Dinilla Jakobovich, head of the study, states that diabetes and obesity are not only what you eat, but it is also important to eat which part of the day you eat. In the morning, because we are fresh after resting the night and our system is also anxious, so it is better to digest food and make body parts. That is, if a healthy breakfast occurs in the morning, then its effects are much better and healthy than the food consumed in any other part of the day.

It is an old saying that the breakfast of the king, the Kahr (lunch), the minister, and the dinner (the meal) of poverty. Israeli scientists also implemented the same article. He distributed volunteers in the study into two groups. The first group was cooked three times a day in the way that most of the breakfast, the lesser it in the afternoon, and the lowest in the night. The other group of volunteers is given the same diet, the same daily amount, but by sharing it in equally equal parts 6 times, from morning to night.

Both groups were kept under constant observation for three months and they were noted every 15 days after changing the condition of blood sugar and weight. At the end of the study, it was found that volunteers in the first group got better sugar control, while their weight also reduced to 5 kg in average. On the other hand, volunteers’ weight increased to an average of 1.4 kg.

Another interesting point was that eating 6 equal amount of time, people eating hunger feel unhealthy while eating three times a day (tight breakfast, medium lunch, lightweight dinner) Those people who had rarely complained of appetite hunger. Furthermore, compared to the first group, they also needed less insulin for sugar control.

Experts say about 90 percent of the people with diabetes suffer from obesity while better fatigue can be achieved by reducing obesity.

Although this research has been done on patients with aged and diabetes, possibly people from all ages are less likely to benefit from it.

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