If the doctor discusses his problems with his patient, he has a positive effect on the patient, experts.

New York: A survey shows that if physicians have high blood pressure patients suggesting medication as well as to treat them, this increases the effectiveness of the drug and the patient is more optimistic.

Dr. Antanthe Schenithler of the New York University School of Medicine said that talking to the patients about the subject, talking about topics like their job, relationships and accommodation, it has a positive effect. According to the doctor antantate, unemployment is a major obstacle in the medicine, because lack of money can not be bought by the patient and further becomes ill. That is why doctors have been told that they should talk to the poor patients.

Experts surveyed 92 patients in New York’s poor populations, with majority of them unemployed black women. During the survey, the patient’s bottle or cancellation was seen with the help of electronic tags for three months and the doctor’s conversation was also included.

Experts noted that if the doctor does not give directions and directions to food, then the patient’s tendency to not give medicine increases three times, even if the doctor does not talk to the patient at home and on the other hand, then do not eat the medicine. The rate increased to six times.

Detailed report of this research has been published in a 22-month issue of research, journalism, quality and outage weakness. Scientists insist that the patient takes a positive psychological effect when the patient talks on the diet and diet instructions, the patient understands the doctor as his sympathy. Based on the same survey, doctors have been advised that they may increase the effects of high blood pressure medicines if they talk about problems related to blood pressure patients, but it is psychological.

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