TB (Tuberculosis) is a contagious and infections from one to another.

Tuberculosis is also known as slice and cannon. It is a disease-related disease to one another. It can be in any part of the body, but usually lungs the lungs. Dangerous TB is a special indication of TB. In severe cases, blood comes with a cough.

When TB patients are coughed or cured, germs are associated with the lower droughts of leprosy, which enter the body of other people breathing in the same environment and can cure them of the dangers.

TB is a cure. If the therapeutic treatment is started on time, the patient gets healed. However, in the case of delay, the patient intensifies and the possibilities of recovery are limited.

After entering the body of the TB, the body is not necessary to make it sick. They can stay in a silent or even dreaming environment. In the medical term, it is called Latent TB. People suffering from this type of TB do not feel sick nor do they have a sign. When the bacterium is active, then it becomes a victim of the person TB.

TB germs can be present in a person’s dream for a long time. When this person’s immune system, which is immune system weak, it becomes active, that is, they get ‘open waiver’ and what part of the body can target, but the lungs are their target targets.

The easy target of TB

Some people are more likely to suffer from this disease. These include:

  • Laughs and children under four years of age
  • People who have been suffering from TB in the last two years
  • People with HIV
  • Those whose physical defenses are diabetes, kidney disorders or weakened for any other reason.
  • People living near TB patients
  • People working in TB treatment centers


TB symptoms are dependent on which part of the body is affected. Generally, TB germ targets lungs. It is called pulmonary tuberculosis. An extra Membrane is a form of tuberculosis TB when there is a part of the body apart from lungs. However, both types of TB can be found at a time. General symptoms of TB include fever, coconuts on the body, sowing in sleeping sweat, ending hunger, weight loss, and fatigue. In addition to this, swelling may also be on the nails.

Symptoms of Preminger tuberculosis

90% of the cases target lungs after the TB germs are activated. Chest pain and cough should be continuous and long periods, and tumble symptoms are TB symptoms of lungs. However, remember that there is no sign in a quarter of the patients. Occasionally there may be blood mixing of poultry coming in with a cough. Lots of cases may result in excessive exposure to blood. This occurs when the infection reaches the main lion that gives lungs to the blood.

Legend of extraocular tumor close

In 15 to 20% of TB cases, infection attacks other lungs and other physical organs. In this type of TB, adolescent people and small children suffer from a healthy system. HIV patients suffer from exclusively extraocular tumor class. Extra personality HIV is 50% of extracellular typhoclose rate. Extra-polymer tuberculosis targets most lung outer membrane, central nervous system, system fluid (systemic system), proportional bidding system, bones, and joints.

A type of TB is known as Drug-resistant TB. If the TB patients do not affect the medicines then it is said that it has become a drug resort. TB germs are two important causes of depression. One is that an effective person does not regularly eat the amount and quantity of the drug. The second reason may be that the person who has been transmitted to the person from the patient may be entitled to Drug-Resistant TB.

If a person suffers in this type of type, then the doctor must change his pay. It is usually seen repeatedly and is seen which medicine can benefit from it. Taking advantage of adultery sensitivity in this regard is very useful. It shows that an individual is resisted with depression.


TB diagnosis is very difficult based on the obvious symptoms. The reason for this is that symptoms of some other diseases are also associated with TB symptoms. Final assessment of TB is only possible after the evidence of the presence of bacteria is possible. Some TB tests are done directly to mark the presence of bacteria. Other tests such as cancer, etc., are performed to show the effects of bacteria on the possible patient.


At a time TB was infected with a disease, and the influential person went to a whirlpool in the spine. Then, in the coming years, Editta was prepared to treat TB. TB treatment now uses more than twenty statements. In the past, the treatment of TB was at least a year, but now with treatment for the past month, it is rid of this disease. The condition is that the medicines should be eaten regularly during the full time as a doctor’s instructions.

The patient is prescribed keeping the current condition of the medicines on the patient. Some medicinal intake side effects or syllables have come into observation, so they have long been very difficult for food patients. That is why the need for a new TB treatment is being felt very intensely.


The possible measures for preventing TB from preventing the disease from reaching one another is the most necessary. For this purpose, they are treated by treating people with TB-related therapies. There is also a vaccine prevention vaccine called BCC, but it is only used to children, it is not effective in adults.

If a person is affected by TB in a home, its food utensils, towels, and other things should be used separately. In addition, the patient and the family should use the Fee Mask so that the TB germs cannot be transmitted to healthy people.

Public awareness campaigns are very important in preventing the spread of TB. Through these campaigns, all the information related to TB should be provided to the people and it is not said that the disease is unavoidable, as such, people with TB patients should come to the hospital by visiting an unwanted and dangerous hospital or center treatment.

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