After the death, these bugs lie down because of which all bacteria are scattered on the face of the face

Delhi: If you are very impressed by your face or are negligent by your face, in both cases, you must know that there are hundreds of thousands of insects on your face and your face is thousands of insects. If there is a house, it will not be wrong.

Yes it’s absolutely true! According to an international research, human face is a thousand-ninety-five-year-old pesticide. These insects keep crying at the face all the time, but because of a small amount, they are not possible to see the human eye, but they can be seen only by the intestine.

The first twelve insects were found in 1842, it was a panic in the mine deposited. There are also hands and feet of this nut insect and they are close to the spiders, yet these insects were not clear whether they live on human face or not. But now scientists have claimed that the animals of living creatures prefer to live on human face, both are the same as insects, and their feet are very small, with which they carry it in the face of the skin. Are there

The main point of claim from scientists, who pulled people’s attention towards them is that after the death, these bugs lie down due to which all bacteria are scattered on the face of the face. Dr. Megan Thomass, professor of North Carolina University, said that insects are human skin, some experts believe that insects eat dead cells of human skin, while some believe that it is in the early gland Drink

By the way, those insects who have a face on the face do not have any special damage, but they are considered responsible for the many problems, due to their stomach and skin appear to be red. Those people who suffer from all these problems, these worms are 10 times higher than usual, but it is possible to eliminate them quickly. On the other hand, human immune system also plays an important role in reducing the loss of insects.

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