Psychologists have described three important ways to get rid of distress.

London: According to psychologists, distress and thinking of thinking can be overcome in three easy ways.

Norway University of Behavioral Medicine Science and Technology (say byhuryyl Medicine) and Professor Hans that we as a way of melancholy, solutions worried imaginary and concern at times bring in the mind but in fact we ourselves Critics are losing themselves with negative thoughts.

They say it so that if the glass a little while in a hand fine, but if glass holds up to two consecutive hours is too heavy and painful and sad and upsetting thoughts are like that For a long time, a lot of drowsiness reduces heavily in mind.

There are three ways to get rid of this fascinating and sad thoughts:

Think of it as a couple of times

Understand the depressors and annoying thoughts first time consumers and consumers. It is not so difficult to get rid of anxious thoughts, but before it is necessary to understand some things.

First of all, think that distress and sadness are one way to waste time and energy. It does not have any benefit nor does it solve problems. The majority of people understand these negative ideas as an effort towards solving problems, but they are in error. Thinking of negative and disturbing things often makes your whole mind negative.

Now whenever such ideas come to mind, ask yourself, what is the benefit of all this?

Take care now and in this place

Take care of worry and worry at that moment and in that place.

According to Professor Hans, ignoring disappointed thoughts, consider the events that are showing around you.

Your worry disappears as soon as you live and live in the current events. Although negative ideas can attack and again, but leave them there and try to live every moment.

Avoid thoughts of thoughts

Avoid the things that your mind does not feel comfortable and keeps on getting rid of it. According to Professor Hans, many people support TV, games and drugs to avoid worry. In the language of psychiatric, it is tempting temptations, and the brain can not calm them for a long time. It is as if we trust our people for our respect and happiness.

Instead, you constantly practice weaknesses by weakening and trying to get rid of disturbances busy.

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