Twitter blocked more than 3,000 accounts. 95% of accounts were shut down by Twitter’s censorship policy.

New York: The website of social contacts Twitter blocked more than 3,000 accounts on promoting militancy.

According to the statement released by the Twitter statement, more than 3 million accounts were blocked during the first quarter of the year through which terrorism was promoted.

According to Twitter, one percent of these accounts were blocked on the request of governments of different countries while 95 percent of accounts were closed under the censorship of Twitter.


It is believed that Twitter has set up an internal monitoring system, under which it has the option to remove all the content from which terrorism is in charge. According to Twitter, most of the requests for blocking accounts were received by the US and European countries that exploited behavioral behavior, extremism, threatening messages, hazardous material promotion and fraudulent accounts of complaints.

According to Twitter released by the Twitter Transparency Report 2017, the government’s requests to block account accounts by the government this year remain the highest in the past. According to the report, the government of Pakistan also made 24 requests to block 84 accounts from Twitter during January to June but the Twitter administration did not follow these requests.

Remember that before the website of Social Contacts, the website also announced that it is closing more than 10 million accounts that promote hazardous ideas on daily basis.

Some important things to know about block:

  • Records you have blocked can’t tail you, and you can’t take after a record you have blocked.
  • Hindering a record you are at present after will make you unfollow that record (and them to unfollow you). On the off chance that you choose to unblock that record, you should take after that record once more.
  • Blocked records don’t get a notice cautioning them that their record has been blocked. Notwithstanding, if a blocked record visits the profile of a record that has blocked them, they will see they have been blocked (not at all like quiet, which is undetectable to quieted accounts).
  • In the event that you obstruct a record and they report your record, any of your Tweets that straightforwardly specify them will be accessible for them to see and append amid the announcing procedure.
  • You won’t get notices from accounts you square, or records that you don’t take after who specify you in discussions began by accounts that you piece. You will, in any case, see warnings from accounts you take after when they say you in a discussion began by a record you square. In the event that you’d jump at the chance to see the majority of your notices, you can do as such via looking through your username.
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