Our mental condition of prosperous and prosperous life is a deep connection. Photos: File

Depression, angstite and stress are counted on the deadly, mental and dangerous illnesses of the modern era. The majority of us suffer from mental stress, nervous pressure, disappointment and anxiety, and the sad thing is that most of us are unable to understand it.

According to a World Health Organization report, millions of people around the world wash their lives every year due to diseases such as depression aging and stress. In Pakistan’s report, it has been reported that during the last ten years, Pakistani citizens have increased a number of mental illnesses. Psychotherapy and social problems are becoming worse due to these mental illnesses.

Our mental condition of prosperous and prosperous life is a deep connection. Positive and constructive thinking is considered to be the case of life. Inequality of the environment, disadvantages of conditions, and economic and social conflicts make life not so complicated, so that we make life difficult and painful for ourselves by the form of negative and discrimination.

Besides, bumpiness, clumsy, thinking of others less and increasing the tendency for money money is increasing. Medical deficiency in human body results in mental cleansing, diarrhea, liver, loss of any of the blood, or abnormality of alcohol and blood loss, mental and mental illnesses.

Domestic dominance increases the risk of brain in brain membranes and due to lack of blood pressure in the cells, mental arthritis begin to occur, because the human mind controls the entire body functions and is the body of human body. All the abilities of the abilities are also on brain care. Through muscle all systems of the body carry brain-managed functions. So we can say that mental health, health and harmony are argued by the whole body, the accuracy, health and strength of human beings.

Troubleshooting abortion is a cause of distress, immorality, whisperation, depression, depression, causes of uncertainty and the fear of uncertainty. Every time thinking about being mistaken, and the condition of staying at twelve times causes mental abuse and symptoms of mental anxiety. Apart from hatred, failure, revenge, and greed and emotions, they also become the source of mental illness. Love, disappointment in love, loss of business matters also cause brain and psychological disorders.

Due to anxiety in mental metabolism through modern medical examinations, brainstorming risks are caused by brain infections due to the effects of neuro transmitter. Apart from the lack of neuro-pine frying and serotonin disorder or lack of proper access to brain cells, mental disorders begin to arise.

In the human body Vitamins B12 and folic acidic decrease in the desired quantity and frequent and unhealthy use of medication, prevent blood transfusion of blood red particles up to brain chains, blood pressure, dryness, chronic occupation Unexpected accidents, mental disorders, can not be sleepy for a long time, persistent failure in goals and living in confused conflicts also cause mental and mental illnesses.

Being nervous and persistent thinking nervous system gets disturbed. Having immune in refresher system also digestive system. Due to lack of appetite, the patient does not eat anything for many days, due to which physical disorders begin to fall. If the patient is not diagnosed with mental problems, the patient feels worried, worried, and hopeless, is relieved to a healthy medicine. She looks for any means that causes her anxiety, anxiety and depression. Avoid the quality of uncertainty.

For this purpose, he strives to adopt both legitimate and inappropriate ways. But this can prove to be dangerous for the patient’s health. We could not get enough knowledge in our country’s health-related people. People who are well-educated also feel regretful of describing their mental health and describing them with their friends. If there is an instability of mental problems since the beginning, then many psychological and social conflicts can be preserved later.

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