The United States also declares the ban on the countries who deal with North Korea. Tension between the US and North Korea is increasing during the day.

New York: US President Donald Trump announced to ban new sanctions on North Korea, saying that sanctions will be imposed on countries of North Korea.

According to the Foreign News Agency, US President Donald Trump announced the imposition of new sanctions on the North Korean nuclear program. He has instructed the US Department of Finance through the presidential order to ban the countries, companies and financial institutions that are transactions with North Korea.

US President Donald Trump claimed that Chinese President Shi Jiang has also issued instructions to Chinese banks that they should not make any transactions with North Korea. Trump declared the Chinese president’s courage bold and said that he was not expecting it.

Continuing a presidential decree of the new sanctions on North Korea, Donald Trumpp said that new sanctions aim to eliminate all the North Korean income sources, which is helping them develop dangerous weapons in history. He said that new sanctions will be targeted to North Korea’s textile, fishing, information technology and productivity industry.

It was believed that the United Nations had approved new sanctions against North Korea two weeks ago. Tension between America and North Korea is increasing with every passing day. The United States wants North Korea to close its nuclear program, or the final option will be military action against North Korea, when North Korea rejects all the global pressure and says UN sanctions and trump threats Do not stop it from continuing nuclear program.

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