Pizza and burger are very low and calories are very high, researchers. Photos: File

Arizona: The bad news for pizza, burgers and zinc food users is that their use not only increases the weight of weight, but also increases risk of cancer.

The new research has shown that even more people using pizza, burgers and other gourmet zodiac foods increase cancer risk, which are not fat. According to the research, doctors reviewed 90,000 women’s foods regularly using fast food and the results showed that the risk of cancer in these women was more than 10%. These women found more of the risk of these types of cancer that usually occur to obesity, although they were not so high.

Research also showed that excessive use of zinc foods increases the risk of cancer among men and women, while more and more research is needed for children and adolescents.

Researchers say pizza and burgers have low levels of nutrition and calories, and most of them use more calories in human body which can lead to further cancer. In comparison to this, vegetables, fruits and pulses provide more nutrition to the human body, and they reduce the amount of calorie.