Based on this building the width of the building will be 6 kilometers while it will be more than a million people.

KARACHI: It has always been a dream of building a high level of buildings so that they can defeat the high mountains and prove their superiority technology, but it has not been possible so far.

So will this happen in the future? Will we build high buildings from the mountains? If the current technology is monitored, its answer is partially found in “Yes” because perhaps we should build such buildings that are higher than the average elevation of a mountain, but the great mountains like Mount Everest or Kay. It is beyond the bus of our current construction technology to defeat the heights.

In history, the great Hermes of Great Ghost (Great Pyramid), with its 146 meter height, remained at the highest level of the world for almost 3900 years. Lincoln Katherine, built in the UK, eventually won the world’s highest building with its 160 meter height in 1311 AD.

In the nineteenth and twentieth century CE, the tradition of making high-altitude buildings started to force even greater intensity on the arrival of the eighth century. Short story, at that time, the world’s highest building is “Bridge Bridge” which is built in Dubai and its height is 830 meters (ie 2722 feet).

Currently it can not be said that how many years the Bridge Caliph will be the world’s highest building, but it is necessary to know that even more buildings have been planned and they are ready for wearing practical clothes.

One and a half-kilometer building projects are also on drawing board, but perhaps the highest level building in human history will be 4000 meters high, called “X-4000 4000”. With the help of existing construction technology, we probably will not be able to build a high building. In order to build even higher buildings, we need more modern and different technologies than today.

Although this project is still limited to Drawing Board, its details show that this building will be larger than the Vatican City in its area, which will be 6 kilometers wide. Like a crown mantar, this building will become short as the building gets elevated. There will be more than a million people here.

It is estimated that $ 1400 billion will be spent on its construction and currently there is no consolidation to build a single building with a consortium.

We do not know when and when it will be built, but it is definitely necessary that it will affect the surroundings of the environment and climate, because it will raise four kilometers high above the clouds and the famous Japanese mountain “Fuji” It will also look a little bit smaller than that. However, its height will still be less than half the half of the Mount Everest, which is less than half.

The XCD 4000 project is undoubtedly being described as the biggest project in the history of engineering, but on one hand it is still in a state of thought. If he has taken the truth, even then it is clear that it will not be easy to take power over us. To challenge the power we have to take a curtain on some of its secrets; and we do not even know what the secrets are.


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