The world’s richest woman walks 94 years old. The Lilianan Batten Court was 94 years old and was suffering from many mental illnesses.

Paris: The world’s richest lady Lionan Batten Court, walks in the age of 94.
According to the foreign media report, the spirit of the French Cosmetics Company, “Laura Paris” was found dead in the suburbs of the Lilianan Batten Court, Paris. The company’s executive executive, Janel Egon, has confirmed that the Lilianan Batten Court is hanging out. He said that Leylan also had many mental illnesses.

The Forbes magazine named the Lilianan Batting Court as the richest woman of 2017 and her assets worth $ 39.5 billion. His father Yojin Shivler founded the cosmetic company in 1907, now known as Loryal. Due to health deficit in 2012, Lilianan Batten was separated from court company’s board.

Lilianan Batten Court

The company has expressed deep sorrow and regret over Lilianan’s death. In a statement issued by the company, Lelan personally worked hard to reach the company’s highest levels of success and will never be forgotten.

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